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Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Wish List Of My Own

My husband put up a wish list online so I figure if I do the same I will at the least have an entry for today as well as put in print some of the things that I've been wanting for a while. The truth is that this list wasn't so easy to make since I rarely actually think of the things I want. Isn't that a hoot? When I was a kid, I got out the Sears and Pennys catalogs and had lists that went as high as 100 items on them. Now, it takes a real think session for me to get a few items on a list. That's probably a good thing.

My Wish List----as of May 26, 2007

1) Gaither homecoming DVDs. (I especially want the two from Israel)

2) Laptop computer

3) TV series-2nd season through whatever it is-Night Court

4) DVD versions of the ORIGINAL Star Wars movies (we only have the vhs)

5) T-shirts--primarily Christian but can be funny-currently size 4X (clean funny, of course)

6) Food processor

7) Dutch oven

8) Music-Gaither Vocal Band (I only have one)

9) TV series-2nd season through whatever it is-Taxi

10) Christian Author-Terri Blackstock (I do have the restoration series books-Night Light & First Light)

11) A really GOOD slow cooker recipe book (I have a couple but they are losers-Yuck)

12) Movie-Eragon (it's really for the girls but I figured I would like it too)

13) Better Desktop computer (currently have cpu-Pent.2 333, harddrive 10GB, 384mg ram-maxed)

14) Movie-The Lake House (thanks to Tami!!)

15) Newer car

16) House of our own

17) New furniture that isn't falling apart-especially folding chairs, sofa, love seat, kitchen table

18) Movies-Sister Act 1 and 2 on DVD (we only have the vhs)

19) A light weight jacket-currently size 4X

20) Nike shoes-size 10 and 1/2 mens (that's Tami's fault too. They look really comfy)

I suspect I will be able to think of other things now that I'm on that track but it ain't easy right now. Well, I am somewhat pressed for time at the moment.

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