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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pens On The Web..So Many To Choose From!

Are you like me, losing pens all the time? I am forever either leaving them somewhere or somebody "borrows" it and it never comes back to me. Is it possible to have a place where all pens go when they get lost so I can retrieve mine? Ah well. Didn't think so but I tried.

If you are looking for a good advertising or you just lost too many Pens to cope, PensRUs is a great place to find them...LOTS of them. I have never seen so many types and styles of Pens in all my life. They have all sorts of sleek, unusual shapes and styles for your advertising needs. If elegance is what you seek, you are in the right place. I checked out the explorers collection. They even have the streets from Atlantic City or the Monopoly game, which ever suits your fancy. What an amazing group of pens.

They have a wide selection of gift ideas. Plus, you can get a custom quote on their site. You have three easy ways to order on the site: Online, fax or mail in. It's all up to you.

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Luxury Homes--Search And Find

My dream home is a beautiful 3,000 sq.ft. home with a two car garage and carport. It has 4 bedrooms, a family room, 3 bath., fireplace, fully appointed kitchen, a library, all on about 200 acres of choice property with a couple of ponds. I have no idea where that might be located but I know a place to start looking.

Elegant Homes website has a fantastic search engine that will help you find the luxury home of your dreams in just the right place. I took a tour of the beautiful homes available with my dream ideas. WOW! They have a virtual tour that tells you almost everything you want to know about the incredible homes right at your fingertips.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

How Many Diets Have You Been On? How MANY???

If there is one thing I can tell you about, almost endlessly, it's about diets and what makes them work or not. At least that's what I thought until I read about this book that a guy put out online totally free! He is a meditation expert as well as diet expert. I am not going to tell you anything about meditation because I believe in another way but I do think it would be worth the time to take a look at this person's newest book online.

The man's name is Nick Smith. He decided to place a book online for free to help millions of dieters to find a way to stay with it instead of the usual boring, same old thing every day. He states that you can Lose weight with food magnetism. In the book, he gives you ways to cut off the cravings that trash a diet every time. Mr. Smith uses muscle tone and breathing exercises that get right to the heart of the problem. You need no special equipment. You do not need to get a gym membership. That's a relief for me with a limited income problem.

Again, this book is online and completely FREE. Okay, no matter what you thought about dieting, this book is at least worth a peek.

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Fleas Are Out And About Now! DO SOMETHING!

One of the things that is such a problem for us with three animals is fleas and how to control them. It is almost a never ending situation. Our cats do not go outside but our dog does. And worse, she has flea allergies that have absolutely become a daily problem. We have been having to deal with fleas ever since the year that a visitor to our home brought a flea infested rottweiler. He had so many fleas on him, we thought that he had become a flea himself. By the time we knew about that, it was too late. It took us the better part of a year to recover from that event. Our dog still has problems because of allergies four years later.

What kind of normal prevention can you take? What do you do when the fleas show up no matter what? How do you know you have an infestation of fleas? Is there anything special and different about dog fleas? Cat fleas? What happens if your dog or cat does have allergies to fleas? What about too many chemicals? All of these questions and many more can be answered on the website with a very handy flea control guide. They have an FAQ for related problems too. You know, you cannot have too much information relating to flea control. Believe me, I know. It is and always will be a never ending battle that you can win with the info these folks will give you.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's Hot! Go Buy A Refrigerator

So, is it hot where you live? It's really getting hot here in Arkansas. In the 90s every day now. Well, it's June and that means the weather is not going to be friendly for a while. A few years ago in the summer, our refrigerator went on the fritz. We understand it was because of how hot it gets here. The compressor has to work that much harder to keep your veggies cool and not spoil. It quit. Bad timing. Isn't it always?

When the fridge goes kaput, it costs a bundle to get it fixed. A lot of folks will simply go find the best deal on a fridge and dump the old one. But where do you find these really good deals? Consumers apparently tend to search online first for that great bargain before they go out and buy. Normal search engines do not help as much as you might think. It takes a special one to get the type of information needed to purchase that just right appliance. And of course, you were looking for the best price on Frigidaire Refrigerators to replace the one in the kitchen.

Krillion, a specific product search website, has the type of search that you need called "Krillion Localization Engine" which will search out and find the product you want in a local market specifically where you need it to be at the right price. So, when you get your results from the search, get the kids and the spouse and head out for the local appliance store that is selling what you want. It will be right there waiting for you.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bumper Stickers! Customize Yours

I love bumper stickers. They usually have the greatest stuff on them. Most of them say something funny, some type of sage advice or just promoting a business or event. This is a great way to advertise because lots of people are going to see a bumper sticker. Did you know that your bumper needs stickers? Oh yes!

This website, CustomizedStickers.com, has what you are looking for in bumper stickers and window stickers. The artwork is good. You can have any size you want, any shape and any color, any design. It is all what you want. Did I say colors? Unlimited color choices. Do you need ideas for a super design? They can handle that too. How about photo quality? That's the way they design the bumper stickers and window stickers for you.

CustomizedStickers goes the extra mile for quality and for a better price. Does your business need a boost in advertising? Time to check out the sticker people.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Moving Time Is Crazy!

The worst possible time for things to go wrong is when you want to move from one place to another. I hate moving. I would do most anything to get someone else to do all the work. It is such a stressful time and everything always goes wrong.

Well, how about calling the International Movers? Service Network is a website that gives you the options to find the right people who will be there at the right place at the right time. They are a quick, easy matching service so that you do not have to hunt and search for the moving company yourself at a time that is already stressful. This online help service does it all for you. It takes the nightmare of finding just the right company to do your job away.

Head for the website. It is so easy. Just put in what you need...where you are moving, where you are moving from, how much weight and the search engine does the hunting for you. They take the mystery out of the situation. You know how it is. The moving company has to be trusted. They usually have hidden costs that you only find out as they load your precious belongings onto the van. This is not the time to find that out.

These folks have what you need at a time you need it most. Just check out the site.

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Wedding Favors And Decorations At Affordable Prices

When it's time for a wedding, one of the things that is so much of a problem is the cost. Yikes! Weddings cost a whole lot of money, time and effort these days. But the bride always wants things to be perfect for her special day. So, people do not want to let her down in that area.

Going online at the Internet Wedding Superstore, you will find those special favors for that coming event. These folks have it all covered at affordable prices so that more attention can be paid to other things. When they say superstore, they aren't kidding. This place is loaded with items particularly geared for weddings like personalized wedding favors, the table decorations, place card holders, toasting glasses, cake toppers and lots more.

Then they have a full line of favors that are unique as well as cookie favors, wedding bubbles, wedding bells, wedding cameras and all sorts of decorations. In addition to all that, they also carry attendant gifts for bridesmaids, groomsman, for parents, for children that are part of the wedding party, frames and albums for after the wedding.

That isn't all. They also carry apparel like tees and tanks, sweats, footwear, PJs and a whole assortment of other things to wear. For the ceremony itself, there are unity candles, guest books, ring pillows, flower girl baskets and more. And for the showers, they have the planning books, magazines etc.

This place has just a whole lot of what you are looking for when you plan that incredible wedding.

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Beautiful Sunny Puerto Penasco--Ready For Vacation?

I have been to Mexico before but not to this beautiful area called Puerto Penasco, Mexico. I looked up this great site that has rentals for people who are in the area. From the pictures, this place is fantastic with wonderful beaches and awesome rentals. Rocky Point Real Estate will have what you are looking for in accomodations when you choose to vacation in Puerto Penasco.

My personal favorites are a couple of their Las Conchas homes that just take your breath away. The first one is an absolutely gorgeous Santa Fe style three bedroom. The price is also incredible and completely affordable for a family or a business trip of several folks. It is totally awesome. A Rocky Point vacation is just right for you and the whole clan.

But then I saw this huge mansion-like two story home that has 7 bedrooms and 5 baths. Unbelievable. It sits right out there near the ocean. The view is amazing. It has a larger price but is very worth it when you consider what all you get. This is luxury living!!

These folks are there to make sure your vacation accomodations or your business trip is high class all the way. There ocean views, fully equiped kitchens, satellite television, internet access, even woodburning fireplaces. Rocky Point vacation rental homes and condos have exactly what you are looking for. It's a dream vacation to a dream place.

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Luxury Home Office Furniture

I have to admit it, I'm a gal looking for a discount deal. On this site, I think that if you are looking for luxury as well, you are in the right place. These items of furniture look awesome. I have no doubts that each item will fit into a beautiful home just nicely. The website is easy to navigate with no confusion whatsoever.

At Great Priced Furniture, you will find what you need at prices they say are affordable. I call the things at this site my dream stuff for my dream office which I intend to have soon. On the site, they tell you to make a list of what you need, identify your requirements in home office furniture and don't buy just by appearance. Ah, I would have trouble with that one since I love to look at pieces like they have but I would be strong and buy what was functional as well as really great looking. Another thought. Financing. They can help you there too. GE consumer financing is available with up to 12 months free of interest or payments.

So, what do you need? They have desks, bookcases, chairs, computer armoires, storage and filing cabinets plus more.

You know, in past years, the home office was something someone wanted to have as an extra. Now, it's a necessity for so many folks. When it becomes that, then it should blend in nicely with the current decor of the person's home. This company can do that for you. So, what do you need? Just ask them. They probably have it.

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Customized Signs For Your Business

Why do you need signs for your business? Sounds like a goofy question but the reality is that you need to get out there and be noticed. magnetic car signs will do that for you. I have had such signs and they work just great. And, they come off and don't damage the finish of the vehicle so you can put them on a classy or classic car. When you have a colorful set of signs for your car, truck or whatever vehicle you drive, people notice....a lot.

BuildaSign.com has the quality signs you need for the right type of sales. They have the magnetic signs I mentioned but they also have a full line of other signs as well for business, personal, for political, real estate. Do you need a yard sign? Got it. Need a banner? Yep. Parking signs, street signs, safety, political, decals, license plates. Whatever the need, these folks appear to have them.

At this website, you can CUSTOMIZE your sign. When you go to the site, navigate to the type of sign you want, then click on Customize It! You can have what you want not what some sales guy tries to tell you to have. Oh, I haven't mentioned price yet. I have to tell you that I am truly impressed with the prices of this company. They are quite a good value. And this from someone who looks high and low for a bargain.

They do not charge for artwork or a setup fee like many other companies do. The features include unlimited colors, design tools onsite, loads of options, volume discounts, use the expedite feature and get it FAST with next day shipping. After all that, is there more? Yep. Quality products. They want to give you a quality product, customized to your taste, fast shipping and hassle free. What could be better than that?

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Office Stuff And Coupon Deals


I am always on the lookout for good deals online. Always finding something that is absolutely fabulous to save money. Don't we all need to save money what with the high gas prices? Oh yeah. So, if you are really looking for a good deal with office stuff, you should go to the Keep Cash site. They have coupons for a whole lot of places like Staples where I found this great deal on a Maxtor 500GB Basics External Hard Drive on sale. The Staples coupons are terrific on this site. I'm keeping the price to myself so you have to go see it.

That is not the only thing I found with Staples coupons. A Uniden 2.4GHz Digital Expandable Phone Combo and how about a V7 22" WideScreen LCD Monitor? Again, I am not telling you the price. You will simply have to go see for yourself all of the savings that I found on this site. And that is just one of the huge number of companies that they have offering coupons for you to save big bucks.

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Is It Time For Vacation Yet? Yes? HAWAII!

When I dream of going to Hawaii, it's all about the sand and surf. No, I do not surf at my age but I love the sounds of the beach. The smells are so fantastic. The birds, trees, surf. Where else can you get such entertainment?

But where can you get accommodations for Hawaiian Vacations? Hawaii is a paradise. Try Hawaiian Beach Rentals. They have literally thousands of rentals available to you and your family or business associates. It is totally up to you what type of place you choose to rent because they pretty much have it all....condos, vacation homes, villas, cottages, resorts, B&Bs, hotels, apartments, mansions and more. They have locals that are expert in helping you to plan your perfect vacation, anniversary, honeymoon, business trips or golf trips. They have discount and luxury accommodations for whatever plan you have.

To start, check on the plan of your dreams. Go to their site and review each plan available to you right now with Hawaiian Beach Rentals. What island would you like to visit? The Big Island, Oahu, Kauai or Maui? Each island has places available for you to stay and only depending on your budget, the dream comes true for you.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Review-The Packing Station

When you have to mail something out in a package, a box or large envelope, you need the correct packing supplies. The Packing Station has it for you.

I used to sell things on an auction site and one of the biggest problems I had was how I was going to package the items. Some of the computer games that I sold had a rather fragile box that did not need to be crushed so it was imperative that I get the right packaging material. And when you send out your boxes and things that are shaped in difficult ways, you can find the packaging that suits you at The Packing Station.

When I looked at the site, I found that they are able to help you with anything from a small packing envelope to boxes, from packing material like bubble wrap, twine and strapping, bags to tape and their dispensers. There are gift bags and boxes and seasonal wrapping. Plus they stock mailroom tools like sorters, tables, packing benches and more. If you need to mail it, looks like this place has it.

Wish I could tell you about the prices but, unfortunately, they are in a different type of amounts than I am familiar with. They are from the UK. They state that they only deliver to the UK mainland.

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Buying Gold For The Future

Throughout history, the idea has been to have gold as a means of measuring wealth and security. It has also been the one of a very few things in history that does not seem to change as a means of security. And in these days and times, everyone needs some form of security for a financial future whether it comes in the form of stocks, bonds or gold. But the question has always been...where do I find gold?

Monex Deposit Company has been one of the places to go for buying gold. They also have other precious metals that you can buy, have delivered or the company has safe storage for your precious metals or gold. They have been in business for 30 years to help people buy the precious metals they desire for that financial future that everyone dreams about.

As a unique investment, gold can be purchased in either coin or ingot form. Ingots are forms in a convenient size and shape of pure gold bullion. The coins have a currency value or they will be defined as gold ingots.

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Make Money Online Selling Replica Sunglasses

I have seen some really great sunglasses coming out these days. They are much more designer than ever before. Lots of people want that sophisticated look in sunglasses. CTS Wholesale has the Wholesale Sunglasses that you would love to own that can be compared to the huge designers in the world. How about Adidas, Ray-Ban, Christian Dior, Nike, Calvin Klein, Dragon, Prada, Gucci, Liz Claiborne, Ralph Lauren. The list is awesome. The sunglasses these folks sell are replicas of those incredible designer glasses. And you can buy them for a little as $10 a dozen and up.

You can buy the replica of your favorite designer for wholesale prices. Not bad. If you want to start a business of your own or add to the existing business with a new line of products, this is the place for you. CTS Wholesale can set you up with your own wholesale replica sunglasses business. Compare the styles, prices and quality of the product they provide. They give volume discounts of 10%, 15% and 20%.

There is one thing. This website is not associated with the real design items. They are very good replicas that will give you a boost in sales for slashed prices. Why not sell Wholesale Sunglasses for a fraction of the price of the original design.


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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Build A Sandcastle eCard

Okay, I am not a good sandcastle builder by any means. Usually, my castles fall apart and melt into the surroundings as soon as I say I'm finished. It ain't pretty. Of course, I hadn't built Sandcastles for years until today. The proof is there that I really am not good at the building thing but it turned out looking not too bad.

This website, Beaches, is great because they have this incredibly easy sandcastle building tool that gives you bunches of options. It is so fun and easy to use that it took me a while to build the castle below. I know. It isn't all that but there are some really impressive ones on the site. They show you a large number of previous castles, unfortunately, including my lame attempt at construction. I am absolutely certain that most folks out there are much more talented at this than I am.

You can color the castle parts and move them to whereever you want them. They all fit together. You even get the sound effects of the beach while you're at the building. They have accessories too. I put birds, a beachball, a pail and shovel and a couple of local residents into the picture. And flags. All you have to do is click on what you want. It appears with a wheel that has several options. One of them is the ability to color the item. Click on that. Crayons appear. Choose the one you like. On the accessory menu on the right, you click on the one you want and you are totally in business.

Below my poor example of the fun things you can do with this tool. Then, when you get finished with your castle, you can email it to yourself or friends and family. After that, you can get a quote for a fantastic vacation to the place you picked for your sandcastle. Great, isn't it.



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Top Ten College Majors

For those getting ready for college, the question of what your major is going to be is high on the list since most colleges these days want you to declare the major right away. It's pretty tough when you have to sit down and forecast what the popular jobs are going to be when you get finished with your education. However, there are some majors that are constantly at the top of the list with few exceptions.

Business Administration and Management, Psychology, Elementary Education, Biology, Nursin, Education, English, Communications, Computer Science, Political Science.

What do all of these majors have in common? College or University educations. Each requires you to go through a set of courses designed to help you along the way. I know this sounds really simple. It isn't. You need to get there by having good high school grades and good to great scores on one or more of several tests that tell the schools some of what you know already. That score or scores will help them evaluate your likelihood of making it through their particular school.

One of the prime tests that you need for many colleges are the SATs. ePrep, a new website, is there to help you with all sorts of things for college-bound students and parents who have to finance the trip. They also help with getting through the dreaded SATs with tips on how to ace the thing. They have the information you need to complete with Expert SAT Test Prep & College Planning Advice. . Not only do they help with the tests but also your planning. Parents will love this part.

This site can give you ways to get through the test on a small budget. It can help you get past those really difficult subjects like math or the test jitters. Having trouble with the reading sections? They can help.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Are You A DIY?

Personally, I do not do a whole lot of DIY (Do It Yourself) but when I need to do something that usually costs lots of cash (like diet or make a small item of furniture), I go after anyplace I can find the "how to" of whatever it is. This is where you save the big bucks.

UKTV Style has what you need for the DIY in you. They have recipes and helpful hints for all sorts of projects. One of the things that I am concerned about is what to feed the kids so that they have a nutritional diet. Too many kids are getting fat on things that aren't good for them because they don't like the "good food". UKTV Style has tips and hints to help you deal with that. They help in an article called "Fruitful Endeavour".

Check out the Body and Health section. There are a load of tips and you can "Ask The Expert". I could certainly use that one!

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Reno 911: The Movie-Review

Have you seen Reno 911: Miami yet? It gives the flavor of a Police Academy style show with a load of laughs. The men and women of the Reno PD are heading to the annual police convention but, of course, can't get in. Big administrative mess up, naturally. Despite the fact that they are now at loose ends, they find that the Reno PD crew are needed in Miami. An emergency arises and all of the police forces in the country are quarantined. There's been a biological warfare attack on the convention center! So, they go to the local police station where they find themselves completely out of their league. It's a high-tech station with gizmos they never saw before. Mustangs with more high-tech gadgets are too much. They do muddle through anyway to save the day.

You can go to Reno 911! Miami The Movie website from Fox and play some games there too. I picked my favorite posters to show off the Most Wanted game. I liked those immediately. They reminded me of people I know. That's a big laugh here.

Did you like them? If you want to find your own posters, you can pick from several on the Most Wanted game. Check out Reno 911! Miami The Movie website to play several other games too. Great fun.

Oh hey, don't forget to get the new Reno 911! Miami unrated DVD.

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