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Saturday, June 30, 2007

One More Day And The Change Is In!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am changing the look of my blog. The change comes in tomorrow on the 1st of July. I love the way my blog is going to look. It's fabulous. Well, that may be a tad big on the advertising but it really is pretty cool looking for an Arkansas blog from a rather opinionated replanted Arky gal.

One of the things that I am looking forward to is the changeover from Thingamablog to Wordpress. From what I can see, there are some cool differences that Wordpress does that TMG does not do. As I mentioned before, the themes alone are a great deal considering TMG has a very small number and Wordpress has, at last peek, 229 pages of 15 to a page. Awesome stuff, some of it. Some is pretty basic. There is likely something there for almost any person's taste.

So, tomorrow morning it is a brand new day and a brand new blog look all at once. Can't wait to try it out! Taking it for a test run in the morning. YA!

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Supreme Court Rulings Today

In the Supreme Court rulings today, they rejected school assignment plans. This affects Seattle and Louisville, Ky. As appears to be the usual case, it was a split 5-4 decision. The Court believed that those particular school systems went too far in trying to maintain the "racial diversity" they required.

Frankly, when it was necessary to change where children went to school because the black kids only went to black populated schools with black teachers and white students went to white populated schools with white teaches, it was a mostly great idea to bring the one to the other. Kids should be able to have better educations than the black kids were getting the way it was originally.

However, now days the schools are pretty much not-so-hot nationwide or so it seems. There are places where they are coming together with what is called "Magnet schools" that I have found to be excellent in most every way. They teach a curriculum that is forward thinking. They choose to see children as needing a higher form of education than sticking with "See Spot run" type elementary schools. If you can get the kids interested in school, they won't hate it or be bored. Challenge the child and you have a winner.

In another decision, they blocked the execution of a mentally ill prisoner with another 5-4 vote. I have to say that I must agree with that one. No mentally ill person should actually be executed because they simply do not understand the reality of what was done nor what will be done. It is not right. Grats to the Court for that decision in a state that would rather kill than seek other forms of punishment.

A 5-4 decision to abandon a 96 year old minimum price ban came out today as well. Manufacturers were setting minimum prices in agreements so that they would not have competition. The ban having been released, they are allowed to go back to that as long as it does promote competition in the products. If they have accusations of price fixing by a pact it will be evaluated on case by case basis from now on.

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There Are Changes Coming On My Blog!

Recently, I had some wonderful folks on a forum review my blog to see if I could make any changes that would improve the way it looks and operates. You know how it is. You want to put your best foot forward even if it is yours and no one else actually can tell you what to do about it. So, I listened to each suggestion and enjoyed all of them. They all had a certain amount of merit.

For instance, without anyone actually saying so in so many words, they said that the blog was a bit bland. I can see that. It has a couple of colors but there is no excitement to it. No real color. It just sits there. No wonder people aren't all that interested in reading my thoughts. They must think my thoughts are as bland as the blog. Ah, well not really. I mean, I do have some tame thoughts from time to time but the reality is that I love to blast off at any injustice or political boorishness that I can find. It IS plentiful after all.

But the blandness of my blog is sorta Thingamablog's fault. That program only has a few, very few, themes and it simply is really hard to have a great looking blog with that program. However, I love the way it works. If you like bland, that's your baby. On the other hand, if you like a boatload of themes, then check out Wordpress. 15 to a page. 229 pages the last time I looked. Changes almost every day, from what I understand.

So, with all the suggestions in mind, I am here to announce that on July 1st..."tada"....I said "tada"......are you listening? I said "TADA!! Got it? That's better." On July 1st, my blog will have a brand new look. It will have personality, color and will just plain be better, more interesting. The links in the archives will be there for the "bland city" version from all of the previous months including this one. You watch. Then I'll get some folks who liked the bland part best and now won't wanna come back. BAH!!

One thing my old Grandma told me many years ago. She said "Child, you will never be able to please everyone all the time. The best you can do is please yourself and the rest will come naturally." Thanks, Grandma. She was a great gal.

By the way, my husband has a blog that will have a new look too. (He worked on mine and thought how cool that was and decided to try it himself!) This is fun. I love changing things around once in a while. Not husbands though. Yuk! Been there, done that. The one I have now is quite great. No need to change him. But, a new look is fantastic. So, his blog is "I Am Not A Hampster" and it's changing on July 1st as well. And one more thing....Happy Birthday, Husband! You are the best!

Blair Is Appointed Envoy For Peace In Middle East

Tony Blair, who gave up his post as Prime Minister of the UK Wednesday, is taking over the position of envoy for peace in the middle east. In what I would believe is a rare meeting of the minds, he was appointed by an agreement between The United Nations, United States, European Union and Russia. He is expected to do something no one else has been able to do so far, promote peace between the Palestinians and Israel.

In a statement given out by the four called the "Quartet", Blair will be seeking international assistance for the Palestinians and promoting economic development for them as well. Interesting. Apparently, they are the only needy ones in that group. Blair is expected to also seek international help to address the needs of those government institutions.

I do have to say here that I am skeptical of anyone who thinks they can bring on peace in the middle east because when someone does that, we must be very aware that it is likely that person is the one we have been expecting but not looking forward to. This would be the one they call the "anti-christ" who will woo the people into a strong sense of security when, in fact, there will be no security at all. Peace, until the Lord Jesus comes back, is an illusion of a peace which will not hold for long.

One BIG disclaimer here: I do NOT say or believe at this time that Tony Blair is the anti-christ. We do not know who that is or when he might show himself. We only know that he will be known for who he is when the Israeli temple is rebuilt and the head guy in the world puts himself in the seat in the temple as a god.

For more information on this subject and others, please visit my ministry website at Lura's Bookcase.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Giuliani Slamdunks Mr. Clinton

Rudy Giuliani slamdunks former Pres. Clinton for his soft shoe approach to the terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center in the 1990s. Then he let loose on the Dems since they seem to be pretty laid back about the war on terror themselves. The actual words he used were "weakness and naivete" when it comes to dealing with the terrorists.

Giuliani told about 650 business people that terrorists didn't hit the U.S. for the first time in 2001. It was 1993. Just because they did not succeed does not mean they didn't try. He accused Clinton of treating the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center as a criminal act instead of a terrorist attack. Apparently, Clinton's big comeback on that attack was to say that it was a "big mistake" instead of really acting on it. After that, terrorist attacks occurred at the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, in Kenya and Tanzania and on the USS Cole.

Guiliani stated that with those attacks, Clinton did nothing. Bin Laden declared war and Clinton didn't hear it. He is suggesting that the current Dem candidates are wanting what Clinton wanted, to go back, to relive the past instead of going forward and dealing with the threat.

In the past, Guiliani has defended Clinton but now he is saying that the Dem Pres. candidates are giving up on the war and giving the terrorists the U.S. timetable to retreat.

That would be a major mistake, speaking of big mistakes. It is time to have someone fresh in the White House. We do NOT need another Clinton. By the way, I do not think we need Mr. Guiliani either. It's a real toss-up right now. If I were to pick my front runner for President, it would be former Senator Fred Thompson. After that, more than likely it would be Mr. McCain. I have no other picks. If either of them does not get the nomination, I have no idea why I would vote except to vote against Clinton or Obama.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Media Could Change Word Usage

I have to say it. I have a major gripe with any media that uses the word "fetus" when it is obvious that it should be "child" or "unborn child". The word "fetus" de-humanizes the child that is unborn which, apparently, is the objective. In this case, I am referring to the report of the Ohio woman who was missing and recently found dead. The boyfriend, a police officer, was arrested on two charges of murder. Why two charges? Because the unborn child she was carrying is considered a life in the eyes of the law in this case.

I have to admit, the law is really skewered on this issue. It is so confusing for the law to say one thing here and another somewhere else. What I mean is....in this case, the unborn child is a life. Therefore, officials will charge the guy with two counts of murder.

On the other hand, it is okay and legal for unborn children, in the first three months of existence, to be called "fetus", be de-humanized, and then the mother can have a so-called, guilt-free, law-approving abortion. One is a life. The other is not. HELLO????? Does no one see the stupidity of all this?

Then what makes me mad now, today on GMA (Good Morning America), the reporter constantly called the unborn child of the Ohio woman a "fetus" despite the fact that she was only two weeks from delivering the child. Could we have some sanity here, PLEASE???

Seems to me that even the law wants to have it's cake and eat it too. Even those who wish to enforce the law want that. As I see it, you simply cannot have it both ways and be honest with yourselves.

The media, if nowhere else, needs to change it's word usage pertaining to "fetus" and "unborn child". I find the word "fetus" offensive especially when the child was two weeks from delivery. In no way can anyone believe that child was not alive just believe the child wasn't born yet. I know. Where do you draw the line then? You might not like my answer but here goes...........as far as an already conceived child, what line? From conception to birth, the child is alive. There is no line unless you put it prior to the sex act. There is where you draw your lines. As far as I'm concerned, that is a DUH moment to those who think it's okay to play and not deal with the consequences of their actions.

Maybe I should stop here and say "don't get me started". This is my take on things for this issue. More later.

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Supreme Court Decisions

In the Supreme Court cases:

One of the decisions made recently was about faith-based and community initiatives. They decided that those who are agnostic and atheist cannot challenge the White House in their putting part of taxpayers money into faith-based programs. Those agencies and groups are allowed to have a share of the federal money. Freedom From Religion Foundation Inc., a taxpayer group, didn't like government conferences where the administration officials encouraged religious charities to apply for federal grants. I do believe that charities should get a cut of the federal pie if they want it whether they are faith-based or whatever other since it is supposed to be for all charities.

Then in another decision, split again 5-4, the Supreme Court tightened student speech limits. While students do not give up their free speech rights at the school property line, there are limits to what a student may say in word or action. This suit was about a student who had a 14 ft. banner proclaiming "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" which is, by the way, offensive to me personally since it implies that my Savior is appearing to agree with the drugs. "Schools may prohibit student expression that can be interpreted as advocating drug use," Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the 5-4 ruling against the student who brought the lawsuit.

Then, the Supreme Court loosened restrictions on campaign ads before an election. Specifically, corporate and union funded television ads. According to some folks, this weakens the key provision of a landmark campaign finance law. Again splitting 5-4, the court upheld a lower court decision about an anti-abortion (their words, not mine. Mine would have been "pro-life") group who should have been allowed to air ads in the last couple of months of the elections of 2004. This particular suit involves Wisconsin Right To Life who were unable to have ads asking voters to contact their two senators urging them not to filibuster judicial nominees up for appointments at the time. One of the senators was up for election at the time the ads would have aired.

I agree with each of these decisions although with caution in at least one case. Grats to the Supreme Court!!

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Teens Say Abstinence

One of the things that has me worried about our country and many others is the serious number of teen pregnancies there are. It is an awesomely terrifying number. Teens are subject to so much input on this particular subject and frankly, get too much bad advice.

Now, there is a growing movement for a new idea....well, it's really a very old idea that has begun to take root again, Teen Abstinence. The thing is, they are saying no to sex with a loud voice. This incredible group of teens are standing up for what they believe in, abstinence, and making it stick in their own schools, neighborhoods and with friends.

We have found that sex education, for the most part, simply tells the teens that it is okay to have sex as long as you protect yourself. This is NOT the image that the teenagers of this or any other country should have about sex. It is a beautiful thing as long as you do it within marriage. Outside of marriage is not appropriate. The teenagers that believe this are becoming known by the abstinence ring they choose to wear.

I have to say here that I am proud of each and every one of the teenagers and single adults who choose to show their faith and beliefs in this way. Bravo!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Science Fiction Comes To Life

When I was growing up, science fiction shows were sort of an afterthought. Then Star Trek showed up after I graduated from high school. (I know. That gives a timeframe on age. Ugh.) So, I was more or less (more less than more. HA, follow that will you.) grown when I actually started watching those shows. But they were great. I loved each one. Confession: I never did watch Buck Rogers. Sorry.

So, when the shows had really cool gadgets like the tri-corder and the communicator, it just followed that sooner or later, somebody would come up with the real deal. Okay, maybe those things are not reality yet but technology is coming along nicely. What am I saying?? The cellphone is the communicator, no? YES! A tri-corder? Not really sure about that one but I am willing to bet that if it isn't existing yet, it will soon. But, there has been yet another advancement in that field of communication.

Apple, Inc. has the iPhone. It now has new technology that allows the user to touch the screen. It's called "touch-sensitive". The new deal is that they can react to a swipe, a flick or tap. That sounds great as long as the cat doesn't have control of it. If so, then tabby is putting in things you never wanted to see. The improvement to the system is that it is more sensitive and intuitive. Don't ask me how.

It's called the new breed in touch screens. Apparently, it relies on electrical currents not pressure points. So, you can slide your finger down the screen and scroll through the menu. Or you could tap and flick. It works. And while it is the first, it will not be the only one. Look forward to flicking, tapping and sliding from now on.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Interesting New Development At The White House

Now that Tony Blair is stepping down from his role as British Prime Minister on Wednesday, President Bush has expressed an interest in Mr. Blair being a peace envoy to the Middle East. There is nothing to actually announce as yet.

The U.S. Assistant Secretary of State David Welch, the top diplomat for the Middle East, has apparently had talks with Mr. Blair on the idea of him working with the Israelis and Palestinians concerning a possible peace process. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is very supportive of Mr. Blair taking on this role as well.

James Wolfensohn stepped down a couple of months ago as international Mideast envoy for four peace negotiators - the United States, European Union, United Nations and Russia. The position Mr. Bush wants for Mr. Blair would be an enhanced version of that role.

The four are expected to meet in Paris next week although one member, the Russian Foreign Minister has a prior committment so it may possibly be postponed for a while.

And, of course, when you read about this, there is the tapdance from the U.S. about the fact that they haven't ACTUALLY offered the job to him but they like him a lot and they have been talking about talking to him about talking about taking the job if they offer it. Uh huh. I thought so.

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Just A Personal Note On The News

Every once in a while, the news just gets to me. Who doesn't remember Sept.11th? Who doesn't remember the pain of watching the Katrina and Rita tragedies? Don't you, once in a while, want to see something on the news that's good? Oh, the network news anchors all do a "feel good" piece every now and then but what I want to see is non-stop good news. Okay, that is probably fantasy island stuff, isn't it.

So, I do try to put some feel good posts on this blog. Look down a couple of posts and you will see my post called "Cat-astrophy In The Sewers". Not the most original title I realize but it does have a zing and there is a really nice ending to the story. I loved that one.

If you cannot find something good to write about from the news, just enjoy my little kitty story.

Stem Cell Bill Veto'd

Lately, things haven't exactly been right in this country. But today, though you may disagree with me, I find that Mr. Bush putting a veto on that stem cell bill has to be one of the most right things done. I do know this is a hot topic. I know that lots of people believe that their lives will be better with stem cell research going forward. I might agree with that as long as the research includes the several ways that this can be accomplished without using an unborn fetus or an embryo grown specifically to do research.

For instance, researchers have found that the fluid from the umbilical cord is fertile with stem cells able to be used for all sorts of research. Why is it necessary to use unborn children? Why must we murder more children in the name of science? Frankly, I think those people who are so up in arms about using puppies and kittens ought to see that using children is far more devastating than using an animal. Don't get me wrong here. I do not believe in using the animals for frivolous reasons in research. You don't really need animals to do research on makeup.

Embryonic stem cell research is not ethical in any sense of the word when the embryo is raised specifically for research. That is a distruction of life. And I am certain I will step on toes here when I say that it works that way with killing the unborn children in an abortion. I am pro-life. I am always going to be pro-life. And by the way, the label is NOT **anti-abortion**. It's PRO-LIFE!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Judge Says Feds Overstepped Their Authority

Feds like to search emails of people they are wanting to prosecute. Unfortunately, they got a little ahead of themselves one too many times. They had no warrant. It's sort of like when they want to tap your phone line. Technically they are supposed to have a signed warrant from a judge before they can proceed. Guess the feds didn't think it was necessary for emails.

A Federal Appeals court ruled against the government today (Monday) in a fraud case where the the investigators overstepped their bounds and illegally searched the stored private emails. The case is being watched very closely by civil-liberties advocates because of the newly emerging internet privacy issues. A panel of three judges ruled that a citizen has the expectation of privacy in their stored email.

The government, of course, disagreed believing that though the transit emails are covered under wiretap laws, the same cannot be said for email that has been stored by the server. The court contends that this is a Fourth Amendment right.

Finally, judges that are standing up for OUR rights. Thank you!

One More Company Possibly On The Block After The Owner Dies

For a lot of years, Dave Thomas was the man that you saw on the commercials for Wendy's Hamburger establishments. He was the owner who had named his company after his wonderful daughter. For years, the way Wendy's was operated had to do with honesty and integrity because of the boss. Then he died. And with this company as with other well known companies, thinking of Walmart here, things are changing, something the original owners never really wanted to happen.

Today, the top management of Wendy's is talking about selling the company. They have had problems with profits this year. The hamburger enterprise is the third biggest in the country. Management does say that this is only a possibility not a certainty as yet. Seems they are under pressure from shareholders like the biggest one, Nelson Peltz's Trian Partners. These wonderful people believe that they need to make changes.

Isn't it just like some corporate muscle-bulger that owns too much stock in the company to come along and change everything that Wendy's has been. The outfit already owns Arby's. Isn't that enough for them? Obviously not. Wendy's operates 6,600 stores worldwide.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Honesty In News Reporting

I have to admit that there are not too many really good things left in this world, not compared to what it was like when I was a kid, some 42 years ago and more. It was simply an easier life. However, now it is not easy nor is it cheap. Yes, I do know the old joke.

When I find someone who is showing that he or she is honest in reporting and in their lives, that's the person I am more likely to watch on the news. There is such a person. His name is Charles Gibson. From what I have seen of him on Good Morning America and on the World News Tonight, he gets all 5 stars from me for honesty in reporting, at least as far as I can tell.

Now, he has gone even higher in my opinion. He spoke at the Union College graduation in Schenectady, N.Y. During the speech, he urged grads to practice honesty and fairness all through their lives. He has established a scholarship fund in his father's name to be awarded each year for a student in need.

He stated that "It sounds old-fashioned, but I will tell you there are ethical imperatives in this life. Compassion. Honesty. Fairness. Trustworthiness. Respect for others. If those things are not the bedrocks of your life, you will suffer for their absence in time. And I would wager you won't much like yourself."

So, kudos to Charles Gibson!!! Thank you for reminding us that these are important values in our lives, much lacking in the country and world.

Ethanol Cheaper But You Can't Find It

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I am truly angry at the price of gasoline in this country. I do realize that other countries have had this problem for years and they pretty much tell us "Waaaa". If we had already had that situation, I would feel the same.

Nevertheless, we did not have that situation for all these years so I am angry at the companies who put out the product but hold back until the price is through the roof. Then, if that were not enough, they post huge profits from our dollars and thumb their noses at the buying public since we appear to not be able to effect change in any way. I do think that is wrong. If only enough people would have the courage to say no to those companies for a day or two, it would surely effect a change.

Now, about today's post, the same oil companies that have been thumbing their noses at us with those horrifying prices are doing so in another area. Some of the new cars coming out now have the ability to run on a mix which is called "E85" and is a blend of ethanol and gasoline at 85%. Those who do produce this type of fuel say that it is an alternative to the higher priced gasoline.

There is, however, a hitch in the gitalong. Seems that there are few stations selling the mix. There are many more cars out there that are capable of using the stuff but there are very few stations able to sell it. The vehicles able to use this mix are called "flexible fuel vehicles" and there are about 5 million of them on the road right now. On the other hand, in all of this country there are only 1,145 service stations available to the public for those same cars. Believe me when I tell you, that usually does not include many rural areas. At least, it does not include where we live in a rural area.

The real kicker here is that by the year 2010, the automakers have promised at least double their current production of the flexible fuel vehicles. In fact, of those who have that type of vehicle now, not all of them are aware that they have such a vehicle. Weird, huh?

Now, the problem lies in the hands of the gas station owners who are steadfast against spending a load of money on this addition to their stores. 167,000 retail gas stations exist in this country and almost all are extremely slow to work this out. The problem there seems to be that they have a load of trouble trying to get the pumps certified. Plus, the market is so new they do not want to take the risk.

There is this other thing about the ethanol mix. It is not as fuel efficient. While the current price of the mix (IF you can find it) is around $2.59 rather than the national average of $3.14, it drops the fuel economy about 10-15 percent. Not so hot either. At this point in time, it appears to be a toss up.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spielberg Endorses Clinton In Bid For White House

This is going to be a personal rant. Sorry in advance but I have strong feelings about Ms. Clinton and they are not good. I live in the state where that woman and her husband were in the Governor's House. Those of us who have the sense to see it, do not like the way she operates. A case in point is the story yesterday of John McCain opposing her in her atttempt to put "pork barrel" spending into an already bloated package for the troops in the war on terror in Iraq. Yes, there should be a lot of spending for that but not the bloat that usually comes with the favorite parts of a bill that get railroaded through the congress because of a pet project.

And now, a man I have admired for years, Mr. Steven Spielberg, is putting his endorsement on this Clinton woman. I can no longer say that I admire him. No one could possibly be this blind yet they are. So many are.

You know, it has never been proved one way or another about that White Water thing in Arkansas some years ago. The questions died and nothing was settled. It is crazy but people who used to be associated with that particular situation and the results seem to be disappearing and dying. Does this not bother anyone? Does it not bother anyone that she was the voice behind the man in the White House and that did not turn out too great? If anyone has a question at all about who was doing the decisions, they only need to read what went on in those years. Hello????? Does no one notice anything here? That woman was wanting the White House for herself when she and her husband were IN the White House. Does no one see this?

It is time for America to wake up! It is time for the U.S. to get the idea that we are not all that and a bag of chips anymore. We are not respected abroad anymore. We are not the only country with the capabilities of nuclear power (that's "nu-clee-ar", Mr. President....not "nu-cue-lar") anymore and some day soon, one of those others is going to flex their nuclear muscles and we will be in deep doo doo.

Time to wake up, America. Stop the Shame of America with this. Do NOT allow Ms. Clinton another voice in the White House. It is already too bad she has a voice in the senate via New York. Does no one think it strange that she did not bother to try to get elected in her HOME STATE? Guess why? She wouldn't get elected to dog catcher here, that's why. Think about it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Walmart Getting Hit With Shoplifting Problems

It seems that Walmart is having problems with shoplifters and it's getting way out of hand. The cost of this problem is radically rising, meaning the cost of everything else will be too. It is too bad that those who do this don't get it that they have to pay more the next time they shop, assuming they pay then instead of lifting the items. We all pay more for those who do this.

Walmart used to have a better handle on things but that was some years ago when Sam Walton owned the stores. People were polite, courteous, helpful. Today, it appears that most Walmart employees...pardon me, associates....are there for the usual. The dollar and a few stocks.

Thing is, they are looking at about $3 billion in stolen property. Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? We are going to be asked to bail this outfit out when the numbers really hit. And guess why they are getting hit with all this theft? You bet. They announced last year that they were no longer going to prosecute the minor cases of shoplifting. Hello??? Is that an invitation? Yes, I think it is. But their reason for this...it's such a good idea.....is that they would rather prosecute the bigger shoplifting rings. Then, after having said that, they drop the number of employees so that the security is not as tight. Oh yes, this is definitely an invitation. DUH!!! Can you say stupid? What are they going to do next? Put it all out on the sidewalk and leave it out all night with aa sign that says TAKE ME...THEY WON'T CARE!

Maybe they should just rearrange another store so we can all be confused and leave it at that.

Grats To Congress On Shooting Down The No Confidence Vote

I have to say grats to the congress for shooting down the "no confidence" vote against Gonzales. Let me tell you why. I thought that they were gunning for him. When the lawyers were fired, my first, and now only, impression was that the reason they were canned was because they were targeting a specific type of politician, in this case Republicans only.

Let's get serious here. If those people were targeting only Republican wrong doing, then they should have been fired, not praised. They were not doing their jobs. Come on, folks. Be realistic. There is wrong doing on both sides of the aisle in congress, both houses. Haven't we seen enough of that already to know this?

We need to get our priorities straight, just like the politicians do. They cannot keep up the illegal actions and still claim to be "lawmakers". It is really time for a "no confidence" vote for most of the politicians who think that they cannot be removed even when they do those wrong things, illegal things. Vote "no confidence" against the bad guys in congress!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

An Icon For Boomers Is Gone

Boomers, do you remember Mr. Wizard? I do. He was terrific. Had a science project on each television show he did. It wasn't the big overblown type things. The experiment was something that each kid could do in their own home. None were so hard that they couldn't understand the concept. He kept it simple because that was the way he did Mr. Wizard. He taught kids to think for themselves instead of taking someone's word for the science.

Don Herbert, who was Mr. Wizard, died at age 89 after having been on television with his show, encouraging many students to go on to be scientists and researchers. "Watch Mr. Wizard" was on from 1951-1964 and received a Peabody Award in 1954.

He reprised his role in the 80's when the show "Mr. Wizard's World" aired on the Nickelodeon channel.

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