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Saturday, June 30, 2007

And The Clinton Critical Statements Go On And On And On

It has been a rather long couple of months having to see the Clinton comments about rivals in a presidential race that isn't even going to be decided for over a year and a half from now. Boy, have things changed since I first started watching the election coverage when I was a kid. (Yes, there were televisions in that era.) In those days, you got political stuff for a few weeks and it was boring, really boring. After a few more years, the political process got a bit more sophisticated and we saw political coverage for several months rather than weeks, also boring after a while anyway. Now days, you get to see the political snipe hunt for years. What a deal! But I digress.

Ms. Clinton is taking potshots at Fred Thompson who, to my knowledge, has not even thrown his hat into the ring. Aren't we getting a little previous here, Ms. Clinton??? Are you kidding me? What is she doing? Trying to damage the opposition who isn't the opposition yet? I get it. If the guy chooses not to run, you only wasted a few stray shots. If he becomes the front runner (not a bad idea) then you have your fightin' face on, gettin' in those hillbilly licks before the cat strikes you, right? Oh brother.

Oh my. How dare Mr. Thompson imply that illegal immigrants would pose a terrorist threat to our country. Wow. How could that happen? Let me see. Oh, how about those super guys that attacked the World Trade Center, huh? I see. They weren't "illegal". Who says. Ms. Clinton, please take a peek at the fact that Castro emptied his jails at one point and sent them to us over the water. You don't think that could happen again? You do not think that some illegals could be that terrorist threat? But they could and likely are. I do see that you use the buzz word "refugee" so that the citizens say "awww" and want them to all stay but it really is a security threat if we do not check them all out. Of course, with the way people are coming into the country illegally, it is possible that we might miss a few...oh, I dunno...TWELVE MILLION or so folks. HELLO!!! Does anyone get a clue here?

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Counseling, The Placebo Of The Current Generation And Racial Slurs..What A Deal!

I am getting so tired of the whole racial slur, gender slur thing. I am so disgusted with it. A while ago, Isaiah Washington did something incredibly stupid and shot a gay slur at co-castmate T.R.Knight who apparently was "outted" subsequently. (For the record, the word outted seems to be stupid in itself. You would think that intelligent people across the country could come up with better words than that. You'd think.) So, Washington goes through this "You bottom dweller for saying something in the heat of the moment" kind of thing and gets thrown off "Grey's Anatomy" because ABC has no more intelligent life there than those on the cast of the show.

This guy says he will pursue counseling, which in my opinion, is total crap anyway. That appears to be the new placebo for any and all infractions of a "politically correct" nature. What a load. All of this was bad enough since no one apparently wanted to pay attention to the guy making he says anyway. But now, the racial card has to be played. Are you kidding me??????

Isaiah Washington is now claiming that this was all about race when he got the boot off the show. All about race????? HELLO??? Does no one see a problem with this whole thing? So, a guy says some gay slur in the heat of the moment. From that, despite all he does to fix the problem, he is canned by an extremely anal network and show. And now, it's all about race. Gay slur+Anal show personnel=race problem. Okay, that works....On what planet far from here? GIVE ME A BREAK!

Yep, he's black. Yep, he has no brains when he gets mad. Yep, the whole thing is a total stupidity. Is there no intelligent life anywhere near that show? Network? "I'm sorry, Captain, there is no intelligent life."

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Unhappy About Donuts

Frankly, this is, by my own admission, one of the stupidest things I have ever blogged about but.....I am mad at the donut guy. Okay. Okay, I can hear the guffaws already. You may treat this lightly. Unfortunately, I cannot simply because I do not like it when I do not get what I pay for, no matter what it may be. In this case, donuts.

To fill you in, we went out of town on Tuesday. It's about a 120 miles or so from our house although I haven't done the math in a while. I most assuredly could be wrong here. I know at least one person who might actually challenge the mileage but I digress.

This particular trip does not happen very often. In fact, I believe it was about 3 years ago the last time I was actually in that part of the city we went to. It has a donut shop. Now, we do have a donut shop where we live. It's not a national chain or anything, I don't think. It's just your average type donut shop and I do not ever go there. It's out of the way....not to mention that I have absolutely no business eating donuts in the first place. In other words, it's a good excuse not to eat them.

When we do go to that city, it is sort of a tradition that we get donuts. I buy a dozen for the folks who look forward to them as much as I do and a dozen for our house. Sigh. I get this kind of treat once every three years or so. Give me a break. I want what I ordered. Is that too much to ask?

So, I am angry with the donut guy because he paid zero attention to what I ordered and filled the box with whatever it was he wanted to, I guess. It was, in fact, a duplicate of the first dozen instead of the ONE KIND I really, truly wanted to try out. They were so yummy looking. They were New York Cheesecake filled donuts with nuts on top. OOOOH!!! And I was so looking forward to those two, no others at all, just those two little donuts.

The donut guy, somebody I can't even go back to and tell off because I won't be in that neighborhood for...oh probably three more years if it's that soon, didn't do what I asked him to. ARGH!!! I want to scream! I want to stuff a cream filled donut into that guy's face and tell him THOSE WEREN'T THE DONUTS I ORDERED, YOU JERK!!!!!!!! But I can't. My only hope now is that someday, somebody who lives close to that shop goes in there and tells him off for me. That would be so good!!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One More Time With Feeling--Bigfoot, You Say?

If I had research grant money, I would NOT be spending it on this search Manistique, Mich., researchers are going to be on the hunt for...uh, Bigfoot again. The old Sasquatch rises again or so they say. These folks, headed up by a guy named Matthew Moneymaker of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, are going to search the Upper Peninsula of Michigan next month to find the legend. Are you kidding me???

The team is hoping to find locals that have seen what they believe is evidence of such a creature. According to them, they have seen Bigfoot or got so close that they could hear the creature in all but three of 30 expeditions in the United States and Canada. This dude gets around, doesn't he or she. We really do not know for sure about the gender. Just an observation here...unless this creature is a few thousand years old, doesn't there have to be a "Momma bear and a Poppa bear somewhere?" Hey, these guys can hardly find ONE Bigfoot let alone at least three.

The trouble here is that this Bigfoot story has been around for centuries and in all that time, no one has actually cornered the big guy or girl. Of course, there have been the funny folks who just had to do the prank and have some guy in a Bigfoot suit and shoot grainy film for effect.

However, the late Grover Krantz who was a professor at Washington State University, believed in this particular legend. His specialty was cryptozoology, the study of creatures that no one has proved that they exist. In fact, he has a scientific name for Bigfoot, if he really does exist, a "gigantopithecus," a branch of primitive man that could have existed three million years ago. Sounds like a dinosaur.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Australian City Is Getting Serious About Dog Problems

The Australian city of Melbourne is getting totally serious about crime scenes that involve animal attacks on humans or on pets. Animal Control officers are currently being trained to collect DNA samples and clues at the crime scenes where attacks have occurred. The trained officers get swabs, gloves and other equipment in order to collect all sorts of evidence from fur, saliva, blood and eliminations. This way they can track down dangerous animals and their owners.

A small dog was attacked and killed by vicious dogs as it was being walked by it's owner in 2004. The officers were able to track down the offenders by the DNA from feces and their fur. They were destroyed as a result. The owner of the dogs was fined some $7,000 plus for failing to control his dogs.

The new kits available now for the animal control officers will make such cases easy to deal with in the future.

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Judge Loses $54 Million Suit Over Pants

Judge Roy Pearson sued a dry cleaners over the loss of a pair of pants. Now to me, that says that they should actually just replace the pants instead of a lawsuit. Yet another DUH moment. However, does this require a "$54 MILLION" lawsuit by the guy who lost his pants???? (only if they were on him at the time) Are you kidding me?

Now, does this guy who sued over for that much money over a pair of pants NEED to have another term on the bench? My opinion is NO WAY! I would seriously be concerned about his mental health here. I get it that he is mad that they lost an item. I get it that he wants satisfaction, like the sign says. But really. Let's get some sense into this deal. What's a pair of britches cost anyway? Even if they are the high dinero deal, that does NOT add up to 54 million bucks.

Why would anyone who sues for that amount of money, and a judge who ought to know better about frivolous lawsuits, get another term on a bench? So that he could put forth more of his skewered ideas? Not a chance. By the way, he happens to be an administrative law judge. Who knows where he goes from there. It's D.C.

Judge in the case ruled in favor of the dry cleaners. Apparently, according to the ruling judge, they did not violate the Consumer Protection Act. On top of that, the plaintiff in the case, Judge Pearson, had to pay for the court costs of the dry cleaners owners. This is all happening in Washington, D.C., where things are really strange these days so it doesn't surprise me that this lawsuit went forward. Now, the chief administrative judge for D.C. has contacted the three-person commission that is going to decide whether Judge Pearson should retain his bench for another 10 years.

Frankly, I hope they prove to be much smarter than a number of judges I have read and heard about in the last couple of years. Mr. Pearson's job pays more than $100,000 a year so it's a huge pay cut if he loses his current job but there is no optimism that he will keep it from those in the know. I say Grats to those "in the know" for having some sense. Now hopefully so will the three-person commission.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fears That China Could Take Over The Market--Apples

I am doing this in the category of "What's wrong with this picture?" because we have had too many things coming out of China that are detrimental to our health, our children's and the health of our pets. Why now are we accepting inbound shipments of things like apples? What would possess anyone or any company to buy from this obviously untrustworthy place?

Now the farm bill is up for renewal in congress this year. Farmers are petitioning for a huge, unheard of, amount of funding for new technology so that harvesting will cost less plus aid in developing overseas markets so that a glut into the U.S. market by China will not hurt like it has in the past. Have we learned NOTHING?????

China is toxic to us. They do not care that we are being poisoned by their products. Our pets die from their tainted foods. Our children and adults get sick from their tainted products. HELLO???? Does no one get a clue here?

Isn't it time for the U.S. to take care of it's own for a change? Isn't it time to say NO to countries that are trying to do us in? I believe that they are doing just that, doing us in. Getting us out of the picture. If you do not agree, then what was that tainted foods thing about? We had it in our dog food, cat food and other things, all from China. How does this happen if they are not trying to do this? Do not insult my intelligence by saying that they simply have looser laws concerning outbound products. Come on!! What Is Wrong With This Picture?

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Friday, June 22, 2007

I Am Tired Of People Saying Some Slur Then Needing THERAPY

I am so tired of people who get mad, say some ethnic, sexual orientation or other type of slur and then are relegated to therapy to smooth somebody's ruffled feathers. The first thing I will say here is that I oppose people saying things of that nature. BUT, it does happen and especially in the heat of an argument. However, when a person or a group gets all up-in-arms or so hostile that someone gets fired or made to go to therapy, there is something truly wrong with this picture.

I do realize that people have foot-in-mouth disease. All sorts of people have it including those in the news and entertainment fields. I have watched a politician have to do a silly dance just to back off from some insensitive boobish remark. I have watched prominent personalities get fired from their jobs because they said something wrong at the wrong time.

For instance, Don Imus got fired for saying some that I do consider trashy but THAT was what the man was hired to do and he had done that same thing for a multitude of years. Only because the SPONSOR got big britches and decided to drop the show did the man get fired. What kind of crap is that?

Another for instance, Isaiah Washington got fired by ABC from Grey's Anatomy for saying a gay slur and the resident gay guy (T.R. Knight) got offended. Has no one else EVER said these things to him or anyone that's gay or black or Latino or white or green striped with dots????? Has no one ever said anything nasty to anyone before???? HELLO!!!!!!!!!

People are nasty. They say incredibly nasty things to each other. Want to know where it starts? AT HOME!!!! Kids take the nasty they hear at home and drag it to school where they say the nastiest things possible to their classmates. Then, when the little darlings grow up they become biggotted, nasty, foulmouthed beings that spread their good cheer some more.

However, there are some nice folks out there that can get into situations and say something not nice. Do they have to then end up in THERAPY? The answer is NO, they don't. But because of small minded people like those who insist on this action, folks who might otherwise be very social and happy people end up spending lots of cash to "cure" themselves of the "hate in their hearts".

I can give you an easier way to do all of this. It's really quite simple. It's so simple that many folks do not think of it at all. Just ask the Lord Jesus into your heart. When a person does that, while everything may not change right then, God changes the heart. The person does not need therapy, they need the Lord.

For more information on this subject, please visit Lura's Bookcase and A Peculiar Place.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Herman Munster's Identity Has Been Stolen!

This is really one for the stupid thieves tricks. Some truly unenlightened thief was peddling the personal details of one Herman Munster of 1313 Mocking Bird Lane. They also included his MasterCard number. The thief even gave the birthdate as Aug. 15, 1964 which is less than a month before the series started. It is rather obvious that the thief, known only as "Supra", did not know that the person's identity that they were selling was a fictional character in the 1960's television series "The Munsters". I used to watch that show.

CardCops Inc., an internet security company, decided that the thief, who was from overseas, could not have known about the television series and that the information had been supplied by a diehard Munsters fan. It was also obvious that the thief believed the identity information was accurate and good.

ROFL! Strike one for the good guys. Maybe this will catch that particular thief and shut down at least one more id theft.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Refineries To Cut Expansion

Are you kidding me??? In a time when the United States needs, desparately, to get more fuels available to the public at an affordable price, refineries are seeking ways to cut back on expansions and it's all due to the congress and the White House or so they say. What a surprise.

Doing something like that is going to keep gasoline prices through the roof for a long time. Also, what a surprise. The money hungry oil companies do not want to bow down to what they KNOW they should do, build new refineries which would give some relief to the increasingly higher prices for gasoline.

The White House and congress are pushing for ethanol production which would help with prices but, as I posted the other day, it would not help in the least if you can't find a station to fill up. So, it's up to the oil companies all the way around. Somehow, I get the feeling that isn't going to happen.

This is yet another SHAME OF AMERICA. Oil companies, when the consumer has had all they can take, you won't like the outcome.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Is It Too Much To Ask That The Credit Cards Work For Buying Gas?

You go into the gas station, credit card in hand, swipe the thing to pay for a fill-up. The pump is putting gas merrily into your tank and then.......all stop. What happened? Ah, this is where it gets sticky. The credit card companies have for years had a limit on the amount of gas you are allowed to purchase at one time. When the gas was pretty cheap, you didn't notice it because no one needs over a hundred gallons in their subcompact, right? However, now the gas prices are through the roof. People are at the pump and think that the station is limiting their gas purchase because they have a short supply. It ain't true! No, what is happening is that the credit card shuts the purchase down when it reaches the maximum limit. And the usual limit appears to be around $50. How nice.

By the way, this doesn't seem to be a problem when you walk the card into the station and pay that way. It only works this way when you swipe it at the pump. There are people that have to use two and three credit cards just to finish a purchase of a full tank. What is this all about?

Fraud. The credit card companies should be commended for keeping a sharp eye on the fraud potential. Ah, but now they need to get a clue and adjust their limits since most folks are now having to purchase a whole lot more gas for their cars to get to work. How about it? Credit card companies, are you listening to your customers? They need your assistance. Change the spending limits asap!!

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Bob Barker Gone From Show But Still In The News

Bob Barker announced that he thinks the CBS execs are talking to Rosie O'Donnell to take over the show that he has been anchoring for so many years. He is fine with this. Are you kidding me???

This woman was on the View for about a year. In that time, her controversial attitude was so anti-so many people that the buzz went against her as much as it went with her. Her zingers at Donald Trump, for instance. Her feud with another host on the View. Her constant mouth going off at the slightest thought that someone could dare to disagree with her. Is this an appropriate host for the game show that has been so squeeky clean all these years?

Frankly, if the producers of "The Price Is Right" find it necessary to boost their ratings this way, then the show should die a natural death anyway. What are they thinking? Are they serious? Hopefully not.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Privacy Laws Hamper Virginia Tech From Stopping Attack

It seems that our wonderful privacy laws, that are good in some respects...not so good in others, hampered officials from sharing the information needed to stop the attack that occurred when a student was on a killing spree in April at Virginia Tech. Apparently, because of the U.S. privacy laws, the police, the school and doctors don't share the information needed. The laws are too complicated and they overlap so those who have information about someone in need of help do not tell other agencies or officials.

President Bush ordered a report from a federal agency because of the killing spree by Virginia Tech student Seung-Hui Cho.

The problem here is that his roommates noticed he was having problems. The professors were concerned about his disturbing and often violent stories and essays. Even a judge ordered him to go into treatment because he believed the guy to be a danger to others and himself. However, because the court ordered treatment information did not get entered into the federal database, it was not known about whether he received the treatment he needed. Due to the fact that the info from the court never got into the federal database, he was able to purchase two handguns legally. There was no question.

The report, released Wednesday, came out right after the House passed the first major federal gun control law in many years. The bill will help states in reporting to a federal database. That will enable the states to block gun purchases by buyers who would not be eligible.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spam King Hasn't Left Yet

The man accused of creating and sending out millions of spam emails to millions of people who was arrested May 30th appeared in a Seattle court yesterday and asked for bail. Are you kidding me? What? So he could get out and email more spam? HA! The judge saw through that ploy and denied him bail. He is to stay in jail until his court date Aug 6th. The reason for denial was because he had few ties in Washington state and many in Sweden where he is from originally.

The judge in the case, US. Magistrate Judge James P. Donohue stated "These are allegations of cyber crimes that have no geographical borders. It's just as easy to continue these actions in Sweden as it is in the United States." Way to go, Judge!

Robert Soloway, nicknamed the "Spam King", has been charged with 35 counts including mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and aggravated identity theft. He could actually get up to 20 years in prison for all of this. Thing is, this is more or less a test case since no one has ever gotten caught doing this much cyber-theft and cyber-spamming.

This guy is bad news all right. In court yesterday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathryn Warma said that Soloway told his customers who tried to get refunds that he would take them to a collection agency and ruin their credit. Nice guy. Ah but that's not all. He made it so that people were unable to opt-out of his spam list, costing them a lot of time and money. Nice guys like that need to have some time in prison. One more thing. Apparently the Judge could see though this guy's plans since he said that Soloway seemed to have no interest in abiding by the court's rulings. Oh, I get it. Soloway doesn't play well with others. Got it.

Is The Leadership In This Country Getting Too Much Money?

Okay, I believe that people should be paid for what they do. I believe that the American worker, in many cases, is not receiving what they should for what they do. That would be because the private sector believes in profits for themselves and not for their employees. Now, that is not true of all companies but it is true for many of them.

On the other hand, it seems that the country's top lawmakers, who by the way, decide their own salaries (that is the way to go, don't you think? Oh yes, I do need another raise. Do you? No, of course not. Why do you ask?). What a great deal. They can choose a number and are paid that number.

For instance, our top Dems are getting paid handsomely though they do not need it in any way. In 2006, Pelosi and Reid got salaries of $183,500 as the minority leaders in the House and Senate. Not too bad there. Ah but then.....Pelosi married a millionaire who is that many times. Reid has gold mine claims in Nevada.

Then, the Republicans are not destitute either. Minority leader in the senate, Mitch McConnell holds property in D.C. of $1-$5 million. Of course, a large portion of the family assets come from our Labor Sec., his wife, Elaine Chao who holds investments that total $850,000-$1.9 million as well. Nice family plan. The House Republican leader, John Boehner, shows assets of $1 million to $5 million in the retirement plan of a plastics company he ran.

My question then becomes WHY DO THEY TAKE A SALARY AT ALL? Do they actually think we believe they need this? The jobs they have do are not for the purpose of gaining wealth, that's for sure. It's all about the politics so why take the money?

How about this. All of those who are currently in the congress that do not have to have the salary donate it to whatever charity that gives them the most satisfaction...that is, outside of themselves. They seem to be the rich getting richer while the rest of us have to scrape along. No, I am not jealous of their money. I am unhappy that they choose to take money when they obviously do not need it when the country could use all the money it can get to back the troops and other dire needs.

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Spielberg Endorses Clinton In Bid For White House

This is going to be a personal rant. Sorry in advance but I have strong feelings about Ms. Clinton and they are not good. I live in the state where that woman and her husband were in the Governor's House. Those of us who have the sense to see it, do not like the way she operates. A case in point is the story yesterday of John McCain opposing her in her atttempt to put "pork barrel" spending into an already bloated package for the troops in the war on terror in Iraq. Yes, there should be a lot of spending for that but not the bloat that usually comes with the favorite parts of a bill that get railroaded through the congress because of a pet project.

And now, a man I have admired for years, Mr. Steven Spielberg, is putting his endorsement on this Clinton woman. I can no longer say that I admire him. No one could possibly be this blind yet they are. So many are.

You know, it has never been proved one way or another about that White Water thing in Arkansas some years ago. The questions died and nothing was settled. It is crazy but people who used to be associated with that particular situation and the results seem to be disappearing and dying. Does this not bother anyone? Does it not bother anyone that she was the voice behind the man in the White House and that did not turn out too great? If anyone has a question at all about who was doing the decisions, they only need to read what went on in those years. Hello????? Does no one notice anything here? That woman was wanting the White House for herself when she and her husband were IN the White House. Does no one see this?

It is time for America to wake up! It is time for the U.S. to get the idea that we are not all that and a bag of chips anymore. We are not respected abroad anymore. We are not the only country with the capabilities of nuclear power (that's "nu-clee-ar", Mr. President....not "nu-cue-lar") anymore and some day soon, one of those others is going to flex their nuclear muscles and we will be in deep doo doo.

Time to wake up, America. Stop the Shame of America with this. Do NOT allow Ms. Clinton another voice in the White House. It is already too bad she has a voice in the senate via New York. Does no one think it strange that she did not bother to try to get elected in her HOME STATE? Guess why? She wouldn't get elected to dog catcher here, that's why. Think about it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Woman Left To Die In The Emergency Room While Nurses Watch

Can you be shocked? I didn't think that I could with this country going to the dogs the way it is but I am shocked at what people are capable of putting other people through.

Seems a woman who went to the emergency room to get help was ignored for 45 minutes while she lay on the floor and vomited blood. The doctors say that if she had gotten help in time, she would not have died. Take a look at the bigger picture here.

The husband sees that his wife is not receiving care for her obvious distress. Why not? The nurses are just watching her distress without helping her at all. So, he calls 911. The dispatcher blows him off telling him that it's not really a crime to let his wife die on the floor of the hospital. The dispatchers, there was more than one dispatcher called by the bystanders in the emergency room who could see that she was dying on the floor with no care whatsoever, told each caller that it was not an emergency and that they could not help the quality of the care received. They did refuse to dispatch paramedics who, they say, would not have responded to a hospital when it was obvious that the person was already under medical care.

Want the kicker? The police arrive to do something about all the calls...there were several people who called dispatch. When the police take the woman out on a gurney, it isn't to go to another hospital...they are ARRESTING HER FOR A PAROLE VIOLATION.

HELLO????? What kind of idiots are actually in that city? What kind of idiots are on the police force? What kind of idiots are in that emergency room? The name of the hospital, just in case you want to avoid it like the plague, is King-Harbor in Los Angeles. They have had many, many problems before this. Can you say LAWSUIT? I would.

Oh yes, one more in case you haven't had enough. The coroner called it an ACCIDENTAL DEATH!!!!! Is he getting a kickback from the hospital or something?

WHAT KIND OF IDIOTS ARE RUNNING LOS ANGELES?????? Remind me to NEVER ever go to that place again. Yes, I have been there before. The place did not impress me then. It certainly does not impress me now. And apparently never will.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

eBay Being Sued Over "Buy It Now"

The first thing I have to say about this is...are you kidding me? Someone is suing eBay over the "Buy It Now" button on their auctions. Personally, I have used those buttons a bunch of times and, frankly, I would be less likely to even be on eBay if they did not have them. I just cannot stand to lose to some person who waits til the last few seconds and then grabs what I waited to win for a week. I don't think so.

Apparently, a place called MercExchange had the idea, supposedly, for the "Buy It Now" buttons and has tried to actually patent the words and button. Are you kidding me? It is, apparently, an auction site that no one has ever heard least in our neck of the woods. Appears to me to be an eBay wannabe. Hey, I am not altogether a fan of eBay either. I do not like the way they have upped the fees, separated out the eBay express items, made it nearly impossible for the little seller to make a buck now. They have allowed their fame to go to their collective heads. That's trashy.

The buttons on the website I just visited, MercExchange, are solid red with white letters and in a rectangle box. The buttons on eBay are not in a box, first two words are gray and the last word only is red. The words are in italics. What is the problem here? Are we now patenting common WORDS???? Maybe Mr. Clinton should patent the word "IS". Whatcha think?

What the heck is wrong with this picture?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Dumb And Dumber

I usually do not want to post anything concerning people like Paris Hilton but this is really too much. Paris Hilton is confined to a....ready?...medical ward in a MAXIMUM security detention center due to an outraged judge who didn't like it that she got out of jail to go home for medical reasons.

Okay, this is a jumble of stupid to start with. The girl needed to be confined due to reckless driving charges. She had been in jail only three days when she was released by an officer because of an undisclosed medical condition and was expected to spend her time at home. Yeah right. Only the rich. She should never have been released at all.

So, this judge gets wind of it and goes ballistic. Understandable. What is not, is that this woman is now in a maximum security place on a 45 day jail sentence. Is there something wrong with this picture? Uh, that ain't all. Seems her Mom was talking to Barbara Walters when she called. Everyone hung up and Paris called Barbara collect to talk. And what was the conversation about? Paris wants people to be focused on something besides her 45 day stay in the graybar hotel. Understandable. Ah, but there was one more thing. She also states that she will no longer "act dumb".

""I used to act dumb. ... That act is no longer cute," ABC quoted Hilton as saying."

So, she was playing into the stereotypical idea of blonds by "playing dumb". All the blonds of the world ought to stand up and cheer and say "Thanks alot Paris Hilton!!" Are you serious?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Make Up Your Mind! The Government Says No, Then Yes! What Next?

The Bush administration is once again saying one thing, then another. I am not here to bash the President. Too much of that going on now. However, we do need to get a handle on what is going on though. On September 11, 2001, the world changed forever. Since then, we have had many changes in our country and how we operate abroad.

One of the most dramatic changes noticed was the increased security at the airports. There was a time, when I was young, that you could go to the airport simply to watch the planes come in and go out. Okay, that sounds pretty small town but I loved it. Then the horrifying happened. After that, you cannot get near an airplane or a window to look out unless you are going on one of the planes. You have to pass through security checkpoints. Hopefully, you will not need to be stopped and searched. They check your shoes. It can be embarrassing and humiliating. It can save your life.

Now, Americans need passports to go to Canada, Mexico. Again, I remember pre-Sept. 11th. I used to drive an over-the-road truck. A few times, the load on the truck went into Canada. Yes, I had a hassle at the border because the manifest has to be checked out completely. However, it was simply time. I had to wait. When I was okay'd to go through, I drove from Windsor to Montreal. It was beautiful and friendly. The people are awesome. I love it in Canada. To visit.

When I left the truck, I was in a ministry that served at a truckstop in Missouri. We also preached at local churches and retirement homes. Our ministry raised enough money, clothing, toys and meds to take them to a small village in Mexico. It was fantastic. The village was a bit behind but wonderful. The people were amazing. We left and went into the mountains where it was truly rustic. Time went backwards about a hundred years. It was then that I understood why people choose to come to the U.S. to work. The pay is incredibly better and the housing, even the poorest, cannot compare to what I saw in Mexico. Of course, there were very nice homes too. I am not talking about cardboard boxes to live in.

The point is that I had the freedom, with approval from the respective governments, to go into those countries without a passport. Now, it is important that you have one. Where do we go from here? Passports for going from state to state now? Must we carry our "papers" whereever we go so that we can prove who we are and what our business is? Excuse me, but we do that now. Every time a police officer stops us while we are driving, we must show our license and registration. Someday, it will be the universal license that we will all have to have. Then, it will be the mark on the forehead or right hand.

So, you think I'm nuts? Okay, we have to have more and more forms of ID than ever before. In Florida, for one, there have been and are still people who are testing a form of identification that will change how the medical community will handle patients....with a medical implanted ID chip. Remember how the vets want you to put a chip in your doggy or cat for identification in case of the animal disappearing? Same thing with humans. They are thinking about having people mark their children in a like manner so that in case child is missing, rather than just an "Amber alert" there can be a GPS tracking device in the child, either the shoe or actually in the form of a chip imbedded under the skin.

Is this the Twilight Zone? No this, folks, is reality.

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