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Saturday, June 30, 2007

And The Clinton Critical Statements Go On And On And On

It has been a rather long couple of months having to see the Clinton comments about rivals in a presidential race that isn't even going to be decided for over a year and a half from now. Boy, have things changed since I first started watching the election coverage when I was a kid. (Yes, there were televisions in that era.) In those days, you got political stuff for a few weeks and it was boring, really boring. After a few more years, the political process got a bit more sophisticated and we saw political coverage for several months rather than weeks, also boring after a while anyway. Now days, you get to see the political snipe hunt for years. What a deal! But I digress.

Ms. Clinton is taking potshots at Fred Thompson who, to my knowledge, has not even thrown his hat into the ring. Aren't we getting a little previous here, Ms. Clinton??? Are you kidding me? What is she doing? Trying to damage the opposition who isn't the opposition yet? I get it. If the guy chooses not to run, you only wasted a few stray shots. If he becomes the front runner (not a bad idea) then you have your fightin' face on, gettin' in those hillbilly licks before the cat strikes you, right? Oh brother.

Oh my. How dare Mr. Thompson imply that illegal immigrants would pose a terrorist threat to our country. Wow. How could that happen? Let me see. Oh, how about those super guys that attacked the World Trade Center, huh? I see. They weren't "illegal". Who says. Ms. Clinton, please take a peek at the fact that Castro emptied his jails at one point and sent them to us over the water. You don't think that could happen again? You do not think that some illegals could be that terrorist threat? But they could and likely are. I do see that you use the buzz word "refugee" so that the citizens say "awww" and want them to all stay but it really is a security threat if we do not check them all out. Of course, with the way people are coming into the country illegally, it is possible that we might miss a few...oh, I dunno...TWELVE MILLION or so folks. HELLO!!! Does anyone get a clue here?

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