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Friday, June 29, 2007

Counseling, The Placebo Of The Current Generation And Racial Slurs..What A Deal!

I am getting so tired of the whole racial slur, gender slur thing. I am so disgusted with it. A while ago, Isaiah Washington did something incredibly stupid and shot a gay slur at co-castmate T.R.Knight who apparently was "outted" subsequently. (For the record, the word outted seems to be stupid in itself. You would think that intelligent people across the country could come up with better words than that. You'd think.) So, Washington goes through this "You bottom dweller for saying something in the heat of the moment" kind of thing and gets thrown off "Grey's Anatomy" because ABC has no more intelligent life there than those on the cast of the show.

This guy says he will pursue counseling, which in my opinion, is total crap anyway. That appears to be the new placebo for any and all infractions of a "politically correct" nature. What a load. All of this was bad enough since no one apparently wanted to pay attention to the guy making amends...so he says anyway. But now, the racial card has to be played. Are you kidding me??????

Isaiah Washington is now claiming that this was all about race when he got the boot off the show. All about race????? HELLO??? Does no one see a problem with this whole thing? So, a guy says some gay slur in the heat of the moment. From that, despite all he does to fix the problem, he is canned by an extremely anal network and show. And now, it's all about race. Gay slur+Anal show personnel=race problem. Okay, that works....On what planet far from here? GIVE ME A BREAK!

Yep, he's black. Yep, he has no brains when he gets mad. Yep, the whole thing is a total stupidity. Is there no intelligent life anywhere near that show? Network? "I'm sorry, Captain, there is no intelligent life."

Posted by From Arkansas at 11:00 AM
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