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Thursday, June 28, 2007

There Are Changes Coming On My Blog!

Recently, I had some wonderful folks on a forum review my blog to see if I could make any changes that would improve the way it looks and operates. You know how it is. You want to put your best foot forward even if it is yours and no one else actually can tell you what to do about it. So, I listened to each suggestion and enjoyed all of them. They all had a certain amount of merit.

For instance, without anyone actually saying so in so many words, they said that the blog was a bit bland. I can see that. It has a couple of colors but there is no excitement to it. No real color. It just sits there. No wonder people aren't all that interested in reading my thoughts. They must think my thoughts are as bland as the blog. Ah, well not really. I mean, I do have some tame thoughts from time to time but the reality is that I love to blast off at any injustice or political boorishness that I can find. It IS plentiful after all.

But the blandness of my blog is sorta Thingamablog's fault. That program only has a few, very few, themes and it simply is really hard to have a great looking blog with that program. However, I love the way it works. If you like bland, that's your baby. On the other hand, if you like a boatload of themes, then check out Wordpress. 15 to a page. 229 pages the last time I looked. Changes almost every day, from what I understand.

So, with all the suggestions in mind, I am here to announce that on July 1st..."tada"....I said "tada"......are you listening? I said "TADA!! Got it? That's better." On July 1st, my blog will have a brand new look. It will have personality, color and will just plain be better, more interesting. The links in the archives will be there for the "bland city" version from all of the previous months including this one. You watch. Then I'll get some folks who liked the bland part best and now won't wanna come back. BAH!!

One thing my old Grandma told me many years ago. She said "Child, you will never be able to please everyone all the time. The best you can do is please yourself and the rest will come naturally." Thanks, Grandma. She was a great gal.

By the way, my husband has a blog that will have a new look too. (He worked on mine and thought how cool that was and decided to try it himself!) This is fun. I love changing things around once in a while. Not husbands though. Yuk! Been there, done that. The one I have now is quite great. No need to change him. But, a new look is fantastic. So, his blog is "I Am Not A Hampster" and it's changing on July 1st as well. And one more thing....Happy Birthday, Husband! You are the best!