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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blair Is Appointed Envoy For Peace In Middle East

Tony Blair, who gave up his post as Prime Minister of the UK Wednesday, is taking over the position of envoy for peace in the middle east. In what I would believe is a rare meeting of the minds, he was appointed by an agreement between The United Nations, United States, European Union and Russia. He is expected to do something no one else has been able to do so far, promote peace between the Palestinians and Israel.

In a statement given out by the four called the "Quartet", Blair will be seeking international assistance for the Palestinians and promoting economic development for them as well. Interesting. Apparently, they are the only needy ones in that group. Blair is expected to also seek international help to address the needs of those government institutions.

I do have to say here that I am skeptical of anyone who thinks they can bring on peace in the middle east because when someone does that, we must be very aware that it is likely that person is the one we have been expecting but not looking forward to. This would be the one they call the "anti-christ" who will woo the people into a strong sense of security when, in fact, there will be no security at all. Peace, until the Lord Jesus comes back, is an illusion of a peace which will not hold for long.

One BIG disclaimer here: I do NOT say or believe at this time that Tony Blair is the anti-christ. We do not know who that is or when he might show himself. We only know that he will be known for who he is when the Israeli temple is rebuilt and the head guy in the world puts himself in the seat in the temple as a god.

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