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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Don't Mess With An Ex-Marine!

So, what's right with this picture? Okay, a guy goes into a gas station (sounds like a joke is about to come up, right? Nope. Real story), purchases a lottery scratcher and is scratching it off to see if he won. He feels this hand inside his front pants pocket. Thing is, he had just visited an ATM and withdrew 300 bucks which was residing in that very pocket.

Side note: The guy with the lottery scratcher and the pocket with $300 is 72 years old BUT is also an ex-marine and a Golden Gloves winner and a retired iron worker. Do not mess with this guy unless you want to come out of it with one less hand.

Back to the story. The guy with the offending hand is about to grab the contents of said pocket when the 72 year old takes the offending wrist, punching with his 72 year old fist into the face of the offender who happens to be 27 years old. The manager of the gas station got into the middle of it and stopped this but only after the guy with the hand got belted a few times with feeling.

So, the 27 year old now has a story to tell to his roomy in his cell. Well, maybe not. If it gets around that a 27 year old guy got defeated by a 72 year old guy, he might be the laughing stock of...well, the stocks, so to speak. After that, he might become an easy mark for anyone who wants to practice with a punching bag. Guy with hand in somebody's pocket equals punching bag.

Ummm, looks like that works. Oh yeah. The lottery scratcher was a bust too.