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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One More Time With Feeling--Bigfoot, You Say?

If I had research grant money, I would NOT be spending it on this search but.....in Manistique, Mich., researchers are going to be on the hunt for...uh, Bigfoot again. The old Sasquatch rises again or so they say. These folks, headed up by a guy named Matthew Moneymaker of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, are going to search the Upper Peninsula of Michigan next month to find the legend. Are you kidding me???

The team is hoping to find locals that have seen what they believe is evidence of such a creature. According to them, they have seen Bigfoot or got so close that they could hear the creature in all but three of 30 expeditions in the United States and Canada. This dude gets around, doesn't he or she. We really do not know for sure about the gender. Just an observation here...unless this creature is a few thousand years old, doesn't there have to be a "Momma bear and a Poppa bear somewhere?" Hey, these guys can hardly find ONE Bigfoot let alone at least three.

The trouble here is that this Bigfoot story has been around for centuries and in all that time, no one has actually cornered the big guy or girl. Of course, there have been the funny folks who just had to do the prank and have some guy in a Bigfoot suit and shoot grainy film for effect.

However, the late Grover Krantz who was a professor at Washington State University, believed in this particular legend. His specialty was cryptozoology, the study of creatures that no one has proved that they exist. In fact, he has a scientific name for Bigfoot, if he really does exist, a "gigantopithecus," a branch of primitive man that could have existed three million years ago. Sounds like a dinosaur.

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