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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What Do Ya Use Pancake Batter And Toothpaste For?

This came up in a news story recently. So, what do you use pancake batter and toothpaste for? Well, I wouldn't use them together for anything. Yuk! But a few enterprising inmates at a city jail used that combo for what looked like mortar. Didn't really think that mess would look like mortar together though.

Who woulda thought? It did fake out the local law enforcement for a while but nothing stays hidden for long. They found it over the weekend. But because of that little trick, new steel plates are being put into the inner walls of the jail cells in Scott City, Mo. now. So, what DID they use toothpaste and pancake batter for, hmm? Apparently, inmates removed a block of the wall in the jail and made a nice hole so that a female inmate could visit a male inmate in the next cell over. It wasn't for the purpose of gaining freedom. Well, that would be because they can't get out due to the steel plates in the outside walls.

Guess that means the next round of inmates will have it a bit tougher. No pancake batter for you guys tonight!!

Posted by From Arkansas at 10:30 PM
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