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Monday, June 25, 2007

Australian City Is Getting Serious About Dog Problems

The Australian city of Melbourne is getting totally serious about crime scenes that involve animal attacks on humans or on pets. Animal Control officers are currently being trained to collect DNA samples and clues at the crime scenes where attacks have occurred. The trained officers get swabs, gloves and other equipment in order to collect all sorts of evidence from fur, saliva, blood and eliminations. This way they can track down dangerous animals and their owners.

A small dog was attacked and killed by vicious dogs as it was being walked by it's owner in 2004. The officers were able to track down the offenders by the DNA from feces and their fur. They were destroyed as a result. The owner of the dogs was fined some $7,000 plus for failing to control his dogs.

The new kits available now for the animal control officers will make such cases easy to deal with in the future.

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