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Monday, June 25, 2007

Auction Selling An Auction...What??

Two guys who were fed up with the fees that eBay was making sellers pay, started their own auction online in 2003. It's called MightyBids.com. It was not charging the fees for listing and other misc. items that eBay did. They only charged when an item actually sold. Unfortunately, that cost them plenty and now are unable to keep the site going. So, what do you do with an auction site that needs to be sold? Why, you put it up for auction.....where else? On eBay.

MightyBids.com went up on Thursday night. As of today, it stands at 44 bids with a current price tag of a pretty paltry $25,100 with the undisclosed reserve not met as yet. But the sellers are confident that it will go for a much higher rate. They claim that MightyBids has 100,000 members, rates a Google PR of 5, #1 on Google.ca where they live in Canada. There are 9 domains included as well. Not a bad deal for the right person or people. With a little advertising, it's likely to get popular, especially among those who are tired of eBay and their constant need for cash. Fees raise quite often on eBay.

One of the owners had gotten completely fed up with eBays fees because he was selling art work and even though he only sold a few pieces, the fees were costing about $1,200 a month for 50-100 items being listed at a time.

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