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Monday, June 25, 2007

Media Could Change Word Usage

I have to say it. I have a major gripe with any media that uses the word "fetus" when it is obvious that it should be "child" or "unborn child". The word "fetus" de-humanizes the child that is unborn which, apparently, is the objective. In this case, I am referring to the report of the Ohio woman who was missing and recently found dead. The boyfriend, a police officer, was arrested on two charges of murder. Why two charges? Because the unborn child she was carrying is considered a life in the eyes of the law in this case.

I have to admit, the law is really skewered on this issue. It is so confusing for the law to say one thing here and another somewhere else. What I mean is....in this case, the unborn child is a life. Therefore, officials will charge the guy with two counts of murder.

On the other hand, it is okay and legal for unborn children, in the first three months of existence, to be called "fetus", be de-humanized, and then the mother can have a so-called, guilt-free, law-approving abortion. One is a life. The other is not. HELLO????? Does no one see the stupidity of all this?

Then what makes me mad now, today on GMA (Good Morning America), the reporter constantly called the unborn child of the Ohio woman a "fetus" despite the fact that she was only two weeks from delivering the child. Could we have some sanity here, PLEASE???

Seems to me that even the law wants to have it's cake and eat it too. Even those who wish to enforce the law want that. As I see it, you simply cannot have it both ways and be honest with yourselves.

The media, if nowhere else, needs to change it's word usage pertaining to "fetus" and "unborn child". I find the word "fetus" offensive especially when the child was two weeks from delivery. In no way can anyone believe that child was not alive just believe the child wasn't born yet. I know. Where do you draw the line then? You might not like my answer but here goes...........as far as an already conceived child, what line? From conception to birth, the child is alive. There is no line unless you put it prior to the sex act. There is where you draw your lines. As far as I'm concerned, that is a DUH moment to those who think it's okay to play and not deal with the consequences of their actions.

Maybe I should stop here and say "don't get me started". This is my take on things for this issue. More later.

Posted by From Arkansas at 12:24 PM
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