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Monday, June 25, 2007

Judge Loses $54 Million Suit Over Pants

Judge Roy Pearson sued a dry cleaners over the loss of a pair of pants. Now to me, that says that they should actually just replace the pants instead of a lawsuit. Yet another DUH moment. However, does this require a "$54 MILLION" lawsuit by the guy who lost his pants???? (only if they were on him at the time) Are you kidding me?

Now, does this guy who sued over for that much money over a pair of pants NEED to have another term on the bench? My opinion is NO WAY! I would seriously be concerned about his mental health here. I get it that he is mad that they lost an item. I get it that he wants satisfaction, like the sign says. But really. Let's get some sense into this deal. What's a pair of britches cost anyway? Even if they are the high dinero deal, that does NOT add up to 54 million bucks.

Why would anyone who sues for that amount of money, and a judge who ought to know better about frivolous lawsuits, get another term on a bench? So that he could put forth more of his skewered ideas? Not a chance. By the way, he happens to be an administrative law judge. Who knows where he goes from there. It's D.C.

Judge in the case ruled in favor of the dry cleaners. Apparently, according to the ruling judge, they did not violate the Consumer Protection Act. On top of that, the plaintiff in the case, Judge Pearson, had to pay for the court costs of the dry cleaners owners. This is all happening in Washington, D.C., where things are really strange these days so it doesn't surprise me that this lawsuit went forward. Now, the chief administrative judge for D.C. has contacted the three-person commission that is going to decide whether Judge Pearson should retain his bench for another 10 years.

Frankly, I hope they prove to be much smarter than a number of judges I have read and heard about in the last couple of years. Mr. Pearson's job pays more than $100,000 a year so it's a huge pay cut if he loses his current job but there is no optimism that he will keep it from those in the know. I say Grats to those "in the know" for having some sense. Now hopefully so will the three-person commission.

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