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Sunday, June 24, 2007


In an effort to "get around" I visit other people's blogs from time to time. When I find one that has a sense of humor and looks like the person thinks a bit like I do, it's worth all the tea in China. Well, I don't want to DRINK all the tea.....oh, never mind.

Anyway, Janna says on Jantics that sometimes she doesn't know what she's talking about! LOL! Like everyone else does!! This lady is getting the right idea. Google is not going to raise PR the way we would like. ACK!

Her blog is fun with good content. It's a tad large for my screen but then, I'm still in the dark ages with an 800X600 screen anyway. So, do not go by me on that. All in all, I love this lady's blog and I will visit again. Where do I go to sign up?

Posted by From Arkansas at 12:48 PM
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