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Friday, June 22, 2007

Techno News-Brain Drives The Train

Tell you what. The Japanese do come up with some really different technology. This is a sort of brain cap from the look of it. It picks up brain waves and that, in turn, drives the train. Very strange. They call it "brain-machine interface" by Hitachi and it apparently analyzes small changes in the brain. The blood flow tells the cap and it translates the motion into electric signals.

A mapping device is connected to the cap by optical fibers. Then it's connected to the train by computer. When they asked a reporter to try it out, he did some very simple calculations in his head and the train went into motion. By doing some basic math or singing a song it can keep the train going. When the calculations or singing stops so does the train.

That is kinda weird to me but then I wasn't wanting something that could tell that I was thinking anything like that anyway. What will this do? Are we looking at the newest form of thought police in the future??? ACK!!!

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