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Friday, June 22, 2007

Science Fiction Comes To Life

When I was growing up, science fiction shows were sort of an afterthought. Then Star Trek showed up after I graduated from high school. (I know. That gives a timeframe on age. Ugh.) So, I was more or less (more less than more. HA, follow that will you.) grown when I actually started watching those shows. But they were great. I loved each one. Confession: I never did watch Buck Rogers. Sorry.

So, when the shows had really cool gadgets like the tri-corder and the communicator, it just followed that sooner or later, somebody would come up with the real deal. Okay, maybe those things are not reality yet but technology is coming along nicely. What am I saying?? The cellphone is the communicator, no? YES! A tri-corder? Not really sure about that one but I am willing to bet that if it isn't existing yet, it will soon. But, there has been yet another advancement in that field of communication.

Apple, Inc. has the iPhone. It now has new technology that allows the user to touch the screen. It's called "touch-sensitive". The new deal is that they can react to a swipe, a flick or tap. That sounds great as long as the cat doesn't have control of it. If so, then tabby is putting in things you never wanted to see. The improvement to the system is that it is more sensitive and intuitive. Don't ask me how.

It's called the new breed in touch screens. Apparently, it relies on electrical currents not pressure points. So, you can slide your finger down the screen and scroll through the menu. Or you could tap and flick. It works. And while it is the first, it will not be the only one. Look forward to flicking, tapping and sliding from now on.

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