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Friday, June 22, 2007

I Am Tired Of People Saying Some Slur Then Needing THERAPY

I am so tired of people who get mad, say some ethnic, sexual orientation or other type of slur and then are relegated to therapy to smooth somebody's ruffled feathers. The first thing I will say here is that I oppose people saying things of that nature. BUT, it does happen and especially in the heat of an argument. However, when a person or a group gets all up-in-arms or so hostile that someone gets fired or made to go to therapy, there is something truly wrong with this picture.

I do realize that people have foot-in-mouth disease. All sorts of people have it including those in the news and entertainment fields. I have watched a politician have to do a silly dance just to back off from some insensitive boobish remark. I have watched prominent personalities get fired from their jobs because they said something wrong at the wrong time.

For instance, Don Imus got fired for saying some that I do consider trashy but THAT was what the man was hired to do and he had done that same thing for a multitude of years. Only because the SPONSOR got big britches and decided to drop the show did the man get fired. What kind of crap is that?

Another for instance, Isaiah Washington got fired by ABC from Grey's Anatomy for saying a gay slur and the resident gay guy (T.R. Knight) got offended. Has no one else EVER said these things to him or anyone that's gay or black or Latino or white or green striped with dots????? Has no one ever said anything nasty to anyone before???? HELLO!!!!!!!!!

People are nasty. They say incredibly nasty things to each other. Want to know where it starts? AT HOME!!!! Kids take the nasty they hear at home and drag it to school where they say the nastiest things possible to their classmates. Then, when the little darlings grow up they become biggotted, nasty, foulmouthed beings that spread their good cheer some more.

However, there are some nice folks out there that can get into situations and say something not nice. Do they have to then end up in THERAPY? The answer is NO, they don't. But because of small minded people like those who insist on this action, folks who might otherwise be very social and happy people end up spending lots of cash to "cure" themselves of the "hate in their hearts".

I can give you an easier way to do all of this. It's really quite simple. It's so simple that many folks do not think of it at all. Just ask the Lord Jesus into your heart. When a person does that, while everything may not change right then, God changes the heart. The person does not need therapy, they need the Lord.

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