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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Build A Sandcastle eCard

Okay, I am not a good sandcastle builder by any means. Usually, my castles fall apart and melt into the surroundings as soon as I say I'm finished. It ain't pretty. Of course, I hadn't built Sandcastles for years until today. The proof is there that I really am not good at the building thing but it turned out looking not too bad.

This website, Beaches, is great because they have this incredibly easy sandcastle building tool that gives you bunches of options. It is so fun and easy to use that it took me a while to build the castle below. I know. It isn't all that but there are some really impressive ones on the site. They show you a large number of previous castles, unfortunately, including my lame attempt at construction. I am absolutely certain that most folks out there are much more talented at this than I am.

You can color the castle parts and move them to whereever you want them. They all fit together. You even get the sound effects of the beach while you're at the building. They have accessories too. I put birds, a beachball, a pail and shovel and a couple of local residents into the picture. And flags. All you have to do is click on what you want. It appears with a wheel that has several options. One of them is the ability to color the item. Click on that. Crayons appear. Choose the one you like. On the accessory menu on the right, you click on the one you want and you are totally in business.

Below my poor example of the fun things you can do with this tool. Then, when you get finished with your castle, you can email it to yourself or friends and family. After that, you can get a quote for a fantastic vacation to the place you picked for your sandcastle. Great, isn't it.


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