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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Top Ten College Majors

For those getting ready for college, the question of what your major is going to be is high on the list since most colleges these days want you to declare the major right away. It's pretty tough when you have to sit down and forecast what the popular jobs are going to be when you get finished with your education. However, there are some majors that are constantly at the top of the list with few exceptions.

Business Administration and Management, Psychology, Elementary Education, Biology, Nursin, Education, English, Communications, Computer Science, Political Science.

What do all of these majors have in common? College or University educations. Each requires you to go through a set of courses designed to help you along the way. I know this sounds really simple. It isn't. You need to get there by having good high school grades and good to great scores on one or more of several tests that tell the schools some of what you know already. That score or scores will help them evaluate your likelihood of making it through their particular school.

One of the prime tests that you need for many colleges are the SATs. ePrep, a new website, is there to help you with all sorts of things for college-bound students and parents who have to finance the trip. They also help with getting through the dreaded SATs with tips on how to ace the thing. They have the information you need to complete with Expert SAT Test Prep & College Planning Advice. . Not only do they help with the tests but also your planning. Parents will love this part.

This site can give you ways to get through the test on a small budget. It can help you get past those really difficult subjects like math or the test jitters. Having trouble with the reading sections? They can help.

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