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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Herman Munster's Identity Has Been Stolen!

This is really one for the stupid thieves tricks. Some truly unenlightened thief was peddling the personal details of one Herman Munster of 1313 Mocking Bird Lane. They also included his MasterCard number. The thief even gave the birthdate as Aug. 15, 1964 which is less than a month before the series started. It is rather obvious that the thief, known only as "Supra", did not know that the person's identity that they were selling was a fictional character in the 1960's television series "The Munsters". I used to watch that show.

CardCops Inc., an internet security company, decided that the thief, who was from overseas, could not have known about the television series and that the information had been supplied by a diehard Munsters fan. It was also obvious that the thief believed the identity information was accurate and good.

ROFL! Strike one for the good guys. Maybe this will catch that particular thief and shut down at least one more id theft.

Posted by From Arkansas at 11:17 PM
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