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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Interesting New Development At The White House

Now that Tony Blair is stepping down from his role as British Prime Minister on Wednesday, President Bush has expressed an interest in Mr. Blair being a peace envoy to the Middle East. There is nothing to actually announce as yet.

The U.S. Assistant Secretary of State David Welch, the top diplomat for the Middle East, has apparently had talks with Mr. Blair on the idea of him working with the Israelis and Palestinians concerning a possible peace process. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is very supportive of Mr. Blair taking on this role as well.

James Wolfensohn stepped down a couple of months ago as international Mideast envoy for four peace negotiators - the United States, European Union, United Nations and Russia. The position Mr. Bush wants for Mr. Blair would be an enhanced version of that role.

The four are expected to meet in Paris next week although one member, the Russian Foreign Minister has a prior committment so it may possibly be postponed for a while.

And, of course, when you read about this, there is the tapdance from the U.S. about the fact that they haven't ACTUALLY offered the job to him but they like him a lot and they have been talking about talking to him about talking about taking the job if they offer it. Uh huh. I thought so.

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