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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just A Personal Note On The News

Every once in a while, the news just gets to me. Who doesn't remember Sept.11th? Who doesn't remember the pain of watching the Katrina and Rita tragedies? Don't you, once in a while, want to see something on the news that's good? Oh, the network news anchors all do a "feel good" piece every now and then but what I want to see is non-stop good news. Okay, that is probably fantasy island stuff, isn't it.

So, I do try to put some feel good posts on this blog. Look down a couple of posts and you will see my post called "Cat-astrophy In The Sewers". Not the most original title I realize but it does have a zing and there is a really nice ending to the story. I loved that one.

If you cannot find something good to write about from the news, just enjoy my little kitty story.