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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Are You A DIY?

Personally, I do not do a whole lot of DIY (Do It Yourself) but when I need to do something that usually costs lots of cash (like diet or make a small item of furniture), I go after anyplace I can find the "how to" of whatever it is. This is where you save the big bucks.

UKTV Style has what you need for the DIY in you. They have recipes and helpful hints for all sorts of projects. One of the things that I am concerned about is what to feed the kids so that they have a nutritional diet. Too many kids are getting fat on things that aren't good for them because they don't like the "good food". UKTV Style has tips and hints to help you deal with that. They help in an article called "Fruitful Endeavour".

Check out the Body and Health section. There are a load of tips and you can "Ask The Expert". I could certainly use that one!

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