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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reno 911: The Movie-Review

Have you seen Reno 911: Miami yet? It gives the flavor of a Police Academy style show with a load of laughs. The men and women of the Reno PD are heading to the annual police convention but, of course, can't get in. Big administrative mess up, naturally. Despite the fact that they are now at loose ends, they find that the Reno PD crew are needed in Miami. An emergency arises and all of the police forces in the country are quarantined. There's been a biological warfare attack on the convention center! So, they go to the local police station where they find themselves completely out of their league. It's a high-tech station with gizmos they never saw before. Mustangs with more high-tech gadgets are too much. They do muddle through anyway to save the day.

You can go to Reno 911! Miami The Movie website from Fox and play some games there too. I picked my favorite posters to show off the Most Wanted game. I liked those immediately. They reminded me of people I know. That's a big laugh here.

Did you like them? If you want to find your own posters, you can pick from several on the Most Wanted game. Check out Reno 911! Miami The Movie website to play several other games too. Great fun.

Oh hey, don't forget to get the new Reno 911! Miami unrated DVD.

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