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Monday, June 18, 2007

The Russians Might Have Something There...But

Way up north, not in Alaska, but in the oil fields in the Arctic, they have a resource that some Russian minister wants to tap into. He might actually have something there. The oil fields produce the usual and a byproduct called "associated gas" which needs to be burned off called "flaring".

But if there could be another use for it, then it could help make other products. The Russian minister wants to use the associated gas piped down south to greenhouses for using to grow cucumbers. Sounds like a great idea....except they really do not have a pipeline for this stuff. Ah, but you could then build the greenhouses on the spot and grow cucumbers right there.

Guess it sounds like a good idea until you realize that while cucumbers are a major staple of the Russian diet, it is also true that they are plentiful in the south. Ah...well it worked for a couple of seconds anyway.

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