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Monday, June 18, 2007

Judge Says Feds Overstepped Their Authority

Feds like to search emails of people they are wanting to prosecute. Unfortunately, they got a little ahead of themselves one too many times. They had no warrant. It's sort of like when they want to tap your phone line. Technically they are supposed to have a signed warrant from a judge before they can proceed. Guess the feds didn't think it was necessary for emails.

A Federal Appeals court ruled against the government today (Monday) in a fraud case where the the investigators overstepped their bounds and illegally searched the stored private emails. The case is being watched very closely by civil-liberties advocates because of the newly emerging internet privacy issues. A panel of three judges ruled that a citizen has the expectation of privacy in their stored email.

The government, of course, disagreed believing that though the transit emails are covered under wiretap laws, the same cannot be said for email that has been stored by the server. The court contends that this is a Fourth Amendment right.

Finally, judges that are standing up for OUR rights. Thank you!