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Monday, June 18, 2007

The CIA Just Fired My Brother!

My brother, Michael, works for a government agency or at least he did until yesterday. I can't tell you everything but it was not pretty. Actually, I shouldn't be saying anything either since Michael doesn't know yet. I have to find a way to make contact with him before it's too late.

Michael's job was really hush hush even when he started it some years ago. His main job then was to be on the team that helps search for and arrest high end drug pushers. You know the kind I'm talking about, those high up guys that make all the money from selling. These people are your neighbors with squeaky clean records until we find them, that is.

After he had been with "the company" for a while, they realized that he was perfectly suited for going undercover and getting inside drug operations. He was responsible for bringing down several big time sellers.

In all the time he was working for "the company" he never once did anything that embarrassed them....until recently. It was a tiny thing. Really. Unfortunately, it was my fault. See, I work for "the company" too. In fact, I work at Langley where it all begins and ends.

Michael was undercover trying to bring down this big jerk that owns several well known companies. You would know the names if I told you. A few days ago, I couldn't contact him to warn him about a leak in the office since I wasn't sure exactly who it was. The thing is, a leak is dangerous to all of the agents in the field including Michael. So, I sort of stepped outside the line to get a hold of him. I originally contacted Michael to have him come back to Langley through an informant, a young lady. I was unable to tell him all that was going on due to the sensitive nature of the information. The problem was that she was part of the leak but I didn't know it. She put him into a very compromising position. They took pictures and splashed them on the front page of the Miami Herald. Michael's cover is totally blown and he is in serious danger.

Because of me, the big leak in our office found Michael. Do you know what a burn notice is? That's when the agency sends out a notification that a particular agent is unreliable or untouchable, meaning he isn't to be trusted. Several of the top people in our office now believe that Michael turned on us. They sent out a burn notice on him. In fact, they are hunting for him. I have to contact him because Michael is due in soon and doesn't know about any of this. I hope I can find him and soon.

The story that you just read is something I dreamed up about the new show coming to television. The new show is USA Network's Burn Notice an exciting drama. If you want to know the real story, head for USA Network to Burn Notice premiering June 28th at 10/9 central.

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