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Monday, June 18, 2007

One More Company Possibly On The Block After The Owner Dies

For a lot of years, Dave Thomas was the man that you saw on the commercials for Wendy's Hamburger establishments. He was the owner who had named his company after his wonderful daughter. For years, the way Wendy's was operated had to do with honesty and integrity because of the boss. Then he died. And with this company as with other well known companies, thinking of Walmart here, things are changing, something the original owners never really wanted to happen.

Today, the top management of Wendy's is talking about selling the company. They have had problems with profits this year. The hamburger enterprise is the third biggest in the country. Management does say that this is only a possibility not a certainty as yet. Seems they are under pressure from shareholders like the biggest one, Nelson Peltz's Trian Partners. These wonderful people believe that they need to make changes.

Isn't it just like some corporate muscle-bulger that owns too much stock in the company to come along and change everything that Wendy's has been. The outfit already owns Arby's. Isn't that enough for them? Obviously not. Wendy's operates 6,600 stores worldwide.

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