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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Is It Too Much To Ask That The Credit Cards Work For Buying Gas?

You go into the gas station, credit card in hand, swipe the thing to pay for a fill-up. The pump is putting gas merrily into your tank and then.......all stop. What happened? Ah, this is where it gets sticky. The credit card companies have for years had a limit on the amount of gas you are allowed to purchase at one time. When the gas was pretty cheap, you didn't notice it because no one needs over a hundred gallons in their subcompact, right? However, now the gas prices are through the roof. People are at the pump and think that the station is limiting their gas purchase because they have a short supply. It ain't true! No, what is happening is that the credit card shuts the purchase down when it reaches the maximum limit. And the usual limit appears to be around $50. How nice.

By the way, this doesn't seem to be a problem when you walk the card into the station and pay that way. It only works this way when you swipe it at the pump. There are people that have to use two and three credit cards just to finish a purchase of a full tank. What is this all about?

Fraud. The credit card companies should be commended for keeping a sharp eye on the fraud potential. Ah, but now they need to get a clue and adjust their limits since most folks are now having to purchase a whole lot more gas for their cars to get to work. How about it? Credit card companies, are you listening to your customers? They need your assistance. Change the spending limits asap!!

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