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Friday, June 15, 2007

Privacy Laws Hamper Virginia Tech From Stopping Attack

It seems that our wonderful privacy laws, that are good in some respects...not so good in others, hampered officials from sharing the information needed to stop the attack that occurred when a student was on a killing spree in April at Virginia Tech. Apparently, because of the U.S. privacy laws, the police, the school and doctors don't share the information needed. The laws are too complicated and they overlap so those who have information about someone in need of help do not tell other agencies or officials.

President Bush ordered a report from a federal agency because of the killing spree by Virginia Tech student Seung-Hui Cho.

The problem here is that his roommates noticed he was having problems. The professors were concerned about his disturbing and often violent stories and essays. Even a judge ordered him to go into treatment because he believed the guy to be a danger to others and himself. However, because the court ordered treatment information did not get entered into the federal database, it was not known about whether he received the treatment he needed. Due to the fact that the info from the court never got into the federal database, he was able to purchase two handguns legally. There was no question.

The report, released Wednesday, came out right after the House passed the first major federal gun control law in many years. The bill will help states in reporting to a federal database. That will enable the states to block gun purchases by buyers who would not be eligible.

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