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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Woman Left To Die In The Emergency Room While Nurses Watch

Can you be shocked? I didn't think that I could with this country going to the dogs the way it is but I am shocked at what people are capable of putting other people through.

Seems a woman who went to the emergency room to get help was ignored for 45 minutes while she lay on the floor and vomited blood. The doctors say that if she had gotten help in time, she would not have died. Take a look at the bigger picture here.

The husband sees that his wife is not receiving care for her obvious distress. Why not? The nurses are just watching her distress without helping her at all. So, he calls 911. The dispatcher blows him off telling him that it's not really a crime to let his wife die on the floor of the hospital. The dispatchers, there was more than one dispatcher called by the bystanders in the emergency room who could see that she was dying on the floor with no care whatsoever, told each caller that it was not an emergency and that they could not help the quality of the care received. They did refuse to dispatch paramedics who, they say, would not have responded to a hospital when it was obvious that the person was already under medical care.

Want the kicker? The police arrive to do something about all the calls...there were several people who called dispatch. When the police take the woman out on a gurney, it isn't to go to another hospital...they are ARRESTING HER FOR A PAROLE VIOLATION.

HELLO????? What kind of idiots are actually in that city? What kind of idiots are on the police force? What kind of idiots are in that emergency room? The name of the hospital, just in case you want to avoid it like the plague, is King-Harbor in Los Angeles. They have had many, many problems before this. Can you say LAWSUIT? I would.

Oh yes, one more in case you haven't had enough. The coroner called it an ACCIDENTAL DEATH!!!!! Is he getting a kickback from the hospital or something?

WHAT KIND OF IDIOTS ARE RUNNING LOS ANGELES?????? Remind me to NEVER ever go to that place again. Yes, I have been there before. The place did not impress me then. It certainly does not impress me now. And apparently never will.