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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Walmart Getting Hit With Shoplifting Problems

It seems that Walmart is having problems with shoplifters and it's getting way out of hand. The cost of this problem is radically rising, meaning the cost of everything else will be too. It is too bad that those who do this don't get it that they have to pay more the next time they shop, assuming they pay then instead of lifting the items. We all pay more for those who do this.

Walmart used to have a better handle on things but that was some years ago when Sam Walton owned the stores. People were polite, courteous, helpful. Today, it appears that most Walmart employees...pardon me, associates....are there for the usual. The dollar and a few stocks.

Thing is, they are looking at about $3 billion in stolen property. Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? We are going to be asked to bail this outfit out when the numbers really hit. And guess why they are getting hit with all this theft? You bet. They announced last year that they were no longer going to prosecute the minor cases of shoplifting. Hello??? Is that an invitation? Yes, I think it is. But their reason for this...it's such a good idea.....is that they would rather prosecute the bigger shoplifting rings. Then, after having said that, they drop the number of employees so that the security is not as tight. Oh yes, this is definitely an invitation. DUH!!! Can you say stupid? What are they going to do next? Put it all out on the sidewalk and leave it out all night with aa sign that says TAKE ME...THEY WON'T CARE!

Maybe they should just rearrange another store so we can all be confused and leave it at that.