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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Girls! Time To Pick Out Your Car!

Ladies, I have to tell you that I have had problems finding a car because there is always some guy that wants to give me advice. That ever happen to you? It isn't fun since they often don't know anymore than I do about finding the right ride. They just think it's "manly" to go along and kick the tires, I guess. You ever ask any of them why they kick the tires? Nobody knows this. They don't know either.

So, if you really want good advice do not go to a guy. Go to Ask Patty! This place is set up for us ladies to Find Your Dream Car on Ask Patty!. We can get tips on purchasing a car, maintaining it and chroming it up. What can be better than that?!! Just head over to the site and start figuring out what type of ride you are looking for. Check what year, what model and price and your zip code. The rest is done for you. Ask Patty is there for you to Find Your Dream Car.

One more thing. When you head for the website "Ask Patty" check out the thing called "Second Life". You'll see.

Posted by From Arkansas at 10:28 PM
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