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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Grats To Congress On Shooting Down The No Confidence Vote

I have to say grats to the congress for shooting down the "no confidence" vote against Gonzales. Let me tell you why. I thought that they were gunning for him. When the lawyers were fired, my first, and now only, impression was that the reason they were canned was because they were targeting a specific type of politician, in this case Republicans only.

Let's get serious here. If those people were targeting only Republican wrong doing, then they should have been fired, not praised. They were not doing their jobs. Come on, folks. Be realistic. There is wrong doing on both sides of the aisle in congress, both houses. Haven't we seen enough of that already to know this?

We need to get our priorities straight, just like the politicians do. They cannot keep up the illegal actions and still claim to be "lawmakers". It is really time for a "no confidence" vote for most of the politicians who think that they cannot be removed even when they do those wrong things, illegal things. Vote "no confidence" against the bad guys in congress!

Posted by From Arkansas at 12:14 AM
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