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Monday, June 11, 2007

No Confidence Vote On Gonzales

I put this into the Shame Of America for one reason. If they must have a no confidence vote on Gonzales over the firing of lawyers who are only willing to prosecute Republicans and not look at ALL wrongdoing, then I say that we must, MUST have a no confidence vote on the congress since I have little to no confidence in them working for our benefit. We, the people, are not getting what we voted for in our congresspeople, no matter what the general public may think.

The problem here is that there is little wrongdoing being uncovered in the congress. We do know that people in the congress are doing wrong things, illegal things. However, there seems to be some unwritten rule that states that unless it is going to be found out anyway, we do not tell all. We do not blow the whistle on that person because we can use them for favors that we may need in the future.

What is totally unacceptable are lawmakers who circumvent the law in order to get what they want. We have far too much of that going on, no matter what party affiliation they might belong to. It is totally unacceptable unless you happen to be in the congress. Then it is definitely acceptable as long as it does not go public and even then, it can be public with a nice spin to it. The spin doctors are ready, willing and certainly able to give it a different slant so that the guilty party can go free.

And we wonder why only certain people have to actually serve time in jail for wrongdoing. Guess why? Influence, power, money. Well, Paris Hilton found out it isn't just about money when an outraged judge gets ahold of it. However, in the congress, it is a different story, isn't it? Will we ever know what really goes on in that closed society? Doubtful. Nevertheless, it is a Shame Of America.

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