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Monday, June 11, 2007

Dumb And Dumber

I usually do not want to post anything concerning people like Paris Hilton but this is really too much. Paris Hilton is confined to a....ready?...medical ward in a MAXIMUM security detention center due to an outraged judge who didn't like it that she got out of jail to go home for medical reasons.

Okay, this is a jumble of stupid to start with. The girl needed to be confined due to reckless driving charges. She had been in jail only three days when she was released by an officer because of an undisclosed medical condition and was expected to spend her time at home. Yeah right. Only the rich. She should never have been released at all.

So, this judge gets wind of it and goes ballistic. Understandable. What is not, is that this woman is now in a maximum security place on a 45 day jail sentence. Is there something wrong with this picture? Uh, that ain't all. Seems her Mom was talking to Barbara Walters when she called. Everyone hung up and Paris called Barbara collect to talk. And what was the conversation about? Paris wants people to be focused on something besides her 45 day stay in the graybar hotel. Understandable. Ah, but there was one more thing. She also states that she will no longer "act dumb".

""I used to act dumb. ... That act is no longer cute," ABC quoted Hilton as saying."

So, she was playing into the stereotypical idea of blonds by "playing dumb". All the blonds of the world ought to stand up and cheer and say "Thanks alot Paris Hilton!!" Are you serious?