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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Make Up Your Mind! The Government Says No, Then Yes! What Next?

The Bush administration is once again saying one thing, then another. I am not here to bash the President. Too much of that going on now. However, we do need to get a handle on what is going on though. On September 11, 2001, the world changed forever. Since then, we have had many changes in our country and how we operate abroad.

One of the most dramatic changes noticed was the increased security at the airports. There was a time, when I was young, that you could go to the airport simply to watch the planes come in and go out. Okay, that sounds pretty small town but I loved it. Then the horrifying happened. After that, you cannot get near an airplane or a window to look out unless you are going on one of the planes. You have to pass through security checkpoints. Hopefully, you will not need to be stopped and searched. They check your shoes. It can be embarrassing and humiliating. It can save your life.

Now, Americans need passports to go to Canada, Mexico. Again, I remember pre-Sept. 11th. I used to drive an over-the-road truck. A few times, the load on the truck went into Canada. Yes, I had a hassle at the border because the manifest has to be checked out completely. However, it was simply time. I had to wait. When I was okay'd to go through, I drove from Windsor to Montreal. It was beautiful and friendly. The people are awesome. I love it in Canada. To visit.

When I left the truck, I was in a ministry that served at a truckstop in Missouri. We also preached at local churches and retirement homes. Our ministry raised enough money, clothing, toys and meds to take them to a small village in Mexico. It was fantastic. The village was a bit behind but wonderful. The people were amazing. We left and went into the mountains where it was truly rustic. Time went backwards about a hundred years. It was then that I understood why people choose to come to the U.S. to work. The pay is incredibly better and the housing, even the poorest, cannot compare to what I saw in Mexico. Of course, there were very nice homes too. I am not talking about cardboard boxes to live in.

The point is that I had the freedom, with approval from the respective governments, to go into those countries without a passport. Now, it is important that you have one. Where do we go from here? Passports for going from state to state now? Must we carry our "papers" whereever we go so that we can prove who we are and what our business is? Excuse me, but we do that now. Every time a police officer stops us while we are driving, we must show our license and registration. Someday, it will be the universal license that we will all have to have. Then, it will be the mark on the forehead or right hand.

So, you think I'm nuts? Okay, we have to have more and more forms of ID than ever before. In Florida, for one, there have been and are still people who are testing a form of identification that will change how the medical community will handle patients....with a medical implanted ID chip. Remember how the vets want you to put a chip in your doggy or cat for identification in case of the animal disappearing? Same thing with humans. They are thinking about having people mark their children in a like manner so that in case child is missing, rather than just an "Amber alert" there can be a GPS tracking device in the child, either the shoe or actually in the form of a chip imbedded under the skin.

Is this the Twilight Zone? No this, folks, is reality.

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