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Saturday, June 09, 2007

It's A Sweepstakes And It's Free!

There is a website where a huge list of prizes is available to anyone who wants to enter. What's the trick? Nothing. Contests are open to anyone who joins for free. Prizes include items ranging from $10-$600. The items will be displayed with each contest. But you have to join since only those who are members can be winners. Once you become a member, you can enter each of the contests on the website.

Whogets.com is not a spammer and you will get no spam emails. They will have hundreds of contests. Join free! Here is the way it works. The contests take place in two parts. The first part is the semi-final round. Each whogets.com member is able to enter each contest. The prizes are displayed with the contest the member enters. This part takes from 7-14 days. The second part is the final round. At the end of the semi-final round, seven members will be randomly selected to compete in the final round. Each member is given the opportunity to write up to a 100 words about why they should win the prize or it can be left blank. This round takes 7-14 days. The Whogets members will then be able to vote for the contestant they want to win. Highest votes win.

It's free. It's great. It's online at Whogets.com right now!

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