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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Is Standard Issue Army Body Armor Good?

Today, the House of Representatives looked into the question of whether the army body armor was going to stand up against a private company's own brand of body armor. Depends on who you ask. Confusing? Yes, even to the congresspeople. So, they requested additional independent tests of the standard issue armor.

The problem is that there are conflicting test results. One was done a year ago by the army and only a month ago were the results released. The other was done in May by NBC news and was broadcast when the tests were over. The NBC tests were conducted on May 3rd in Germany at a ballistics test grounds. They were reviewed by a retired general and found that in a simulated combat condition, the Dragon Skin, a product of Pinnacle Armor Inc. performed much better than Interceptor, the army standard issue body armor.

The army contradicts the claims by NBC news and are confident of their own unbiased test results. Yeah right. Not sure I believe that. In fact, it is really hard to believe much coming from that quarter these days.

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