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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Saying Farewell To A TV Icon

Fans have been gathering for days to say goodbye to the television legend, Bob Barker, who is retiring after 35 years on "The Price Is Right". They have come from all over to wait at CBS Television City in Los Angeles to see him do his finale taping on Wednesday. The diehard fans come from as far away as Canada and Florida and have camped out as early as Saturday.

The tickets were available months ago and gone as fast as they were available. CBS sends out tickets in the mail for the 325 seat studio but they allow for "no shows" and send out more than are actually available. So, if a fan wants to be in that studio, they must be there early. The people are in sleeping bags and blankets hoping to find a seat.

Naturally, those who are seated will also be eligible to play the game "The Price Is Right". Strategies and options are discussed over and over to find the one thing that will be a sure win.

The last show is already a winner since the rumors are flying about the possibility of a rare million dollar prize. Others say that there will be a car given to each member of the audience.

Without a doubt, the 83 year old Barker will be missed. Thank you, Bob, for all the fun. Have a great retirement.