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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bloggers, This Is For You!!

In the time I have been blogging, especially when I am trying for a deadline of one sort or another, there are times when it is just tough to get something posted no matter what I do. It's the blank screen writer's block thing. So, what do you do about that? In my case, the this blog sometimes has the latest news and my take on that. But I could use a little help. What do I do? GOT IT!!

I went to this great website called The News Room. They have all these current news stories that have videos attached. Now, I thought, that's great but what does that do for me? They allow you to use the video on your own blog or website. Hey, that's relevant, timely news in a video on your own blog! It sure is a breeze to embed the video and it's FREE. Thing is, you have so many choices of content, there is no way you are going home empty handed. If that is not enough, you can earn money putting those videos on your website or blog. You get a share of the advertising money.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of news stories that they have access to so there is no way you run out of possibilities. If you want to earn money with the content of your blog or website, just join The News Room and start earning that extra cash. I have an embeded video right here. I am NOT an html expert. It's just so easy to do. Anyone who can follow directions can do this!