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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mr. Obama Strikes The Administration With "Quiet Riots"

Ever hopeful of the Democratic nomination for President, Mr. Obama strikes out at the administration again and again. Although I do believe he has some valid points, it is becoming more and more obvious that his plan of attack is to heat up the black community in a silent revolt of one kind or another. He refers to it as a "quiet riot" which seems harmless on the surface but I suspect will turn into anything but quiet in the coming hot summer months if he does not begin to get a clue of how dangerous it is to incite a riot that is not the "quiet" kind. He suggests that a riot is close and much like the one in 1992 in Los Angeles.

The problem is....what part is Obama playing in the inciting of that same riot? Much more than he is willing to admit. I realize that the administration has much to answer for but is this really the way to get that accomplished without bloodshed? Not likely. Certainly the black people from New Orleans and the Gulf coast are still displaced and unhappy from the time of Katrina. However, and this tidbit does not seem to wander into his condemnation, there are a great number of white people who are also displaced and waiting for the government to do their part. That, however, appears not to be mentioned simply because that would not serve Mr. Obama in his quest to be the first black man in the White House.

While I do believe that he has some good points, there are others that are simply ways to incite people to get more angry than they already are. What he is doing is stirring up the feelings of many people, mostly black, to serve his own agenda. He uses a preacher-like style of speaking which works well with black people especially in the New Orleans area. Then he leaves. Thing is, he only needs one riot in one area and his point is made.

When the riots do occur, it will not, of course, be HIS fault but the fault of the administration. He will take no responsibility for any of it. Yes, the administration dropped the ball on the disaster situations in New Orleans and the Gulf coast towns after the hurricanes. The government DID need to respond faster, help more and do their part to calm the situation that is still threatening. However, some of the current unrest is due to the constant striking by Mr.Obama at the heart of black feelings toward the administration. People can only take so much and he is fully aware of it. He is, from the look of it, seeking a revolt of some type. It would certainly prove his point, wouldn't it.

The fact that it is working among the black community in the south does not say that it is appropriate for him to continue this. That it is working, is a fact because when he speaks, he receives ovation after ovation from black people in the audience while he is tearing down the office he so desperately wants. That he is inciting people to riot is also true. He does know where to push the buttons on people's feelings. But that in no way makes a good President. In fact, that would prove how unsuitable he truly is for that office. However, no one appears to choose to stop him from doing this while he campaigns. The key word here is "campaign". Some politicians will do nearly anything to get elected.

This is a prediction from me. When it gets incredibly hot this summer and the tempers get that way as well because of what Mr. Obama is pounding into people's heads, there will, indeed, be a huge riot in New Orleans and other cities in the U.S. and when it does, perhaps Mr. Obama will be as glad to claim the responsibility for the deaths that will occur because of his interest in inciting such riots.

For the record, I am totally against a person who is, in my opinion, unable to take the leadership of this country if he cannot serve ALL the people. Right now, he serves himself and the black vote but mostly his own ambitions of being in the history books. If this is not true then perhaps he will start to think about the riot he is definitely trying to incite. The deaths will be on your hands, Mr. Obama.