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Monday, June 04, 2007

Have You Been Clocked Today?

There is always that one person in your life that is impossible to buy for, isn't there? In my family, there are actually a few people like that. You know the type, has everything under the sun or possibly they don't want anything that "gathers dust". Heard that one myself recently. So, of course, the goofy lamps with a leg and the lifesized dog sitting in the corner are probably out. What do you get that one person who is so hard to buy for?

This is an unusual site to say the least but I love it. At I Got Clocked!, you can find an array of clocks made just for that special person. You need a really Personal gift for them. Order a custom made clock that shows your face! Or if they like looking at themselves, put a face on it! Take the photos of your choice, order the clock with the specific photo you like. In 36 hrs. they will send you an animated gif of what you bought. Then, in three weeks, the clock is at your door. The sky is the limit and they do not tell you what you can and cannot have on your clock. Time to order.

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