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Monday, June 04, 2007

New Drug Gives Hope To Cancer Sufferers

It is such a joy to find something to blog about that is a positive note and I have it this time. One of the worst cancers to treat, very hard for a half million people each year, is liver cancer. Now, there is a pill that is going to be able to treat this particularly difficult cancer. With the pill, it gives hope to those who have not had much hope before.

There was a study concerning this drug with 602 patients who had advanced liver cancer. The doctors called the results impressive and this is likely to change the way this disease is treated. Those who were treated with the drug survived much longer in this particular study than ever before. The study group had never had these results before. That makes it exciting. This drug showed that the cancer cells did not grow unlike other tests in the past.

The drug, Nexavar, has been approved for advanced kidney cancer. Now, they are seeking the approval for treating liver cancer patients as well.

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