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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Taking The Cake-One Hustle Too Many

Does anyone remember Larry Flynt, Hustler magazine owner who has blown the whistle on high government officials in the recent past? He is back in the news, this time offering $1 million for anyone providing proof of a illicit sexual affair with a high-ranking government official, Congressperson or Senator. Apparently, he is wanting the "skinny" on said government official for a hot issue of Hustler.

It is really too bad this man hasn't retired. The sleazy magazine is in bad taste already. I do realize that we need to have somebody uncover these things but must it be him? On the other hand, sleaze is his profession. He must be desperate to give up to a million dollars for such a thing. Of course, the way this country is going it is not a surprise that this type of publication would step up to do the dirty work.

The first story that comes to mind, of course, is the one he did about the Monica Lewinsky thing with Bill Clinton. Now, of course, he's out there building houses and doing fundraisers. The next one was Bob Livingston who was considered the guy headed to be speaker of the house. He resigned just days before that due to illicit affairs with the whistle being blown by Hustler mag.

Apparently, the hunt is on again. You know, there is this one way not to have one's story in that awful magazine. Do not do the crime and you don't have to do the time. It's that simple.

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