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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Update On The Terror Plot At JFK

Today, I wrote about the terror plot at the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City. In that, I asked if the suspects were just thinking about doing this and we have the "thought police" or is this something more? Well, I did get an answer to that. Seems that the FBI and several other agencies have been in on this since January 2006 and had them under surveilance.

Apparently, they were seeking a way to blow up a 40 mile piece of pipeline for jet fuel that stretched far beyond the airport to at least Allentown, Pa. It went much farther than that though into upper New York state. Officials at the airport state that the suspects could not have blown up the entire pipeline, if that was their agenda, because there are stops and safeguards along the way. However, what they did say was that, if successful, that particular plot would have made the September 11th terrorist attacks small in comparison. The areas affected would include the airport, all of Queens, Allentown and other towns and cities where the pipeline touched assuming that the effect was like they were trying for.

This is beyond scary terrorism and is probably the effect they are looking for even if the plotters all get caught. The ringleader is in custody as are two others. A fourth person is at large in Guyana. All are muslim but the officials are unclear as to what group they are associated with.

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