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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Terror Plot Stopped--We Need More Reporting Like This

Today in New York, 3 people were arrested and one is still at large who were plotting to blow up some area of the J.F.K. International Airport. It is not known at this time as to what the target was or how they would be able to carry this off. What is known is that it was in the planning stages.

At this point, I am thrilled to see that we are being told about those terror plots and that they are being broken up prior to the execution. It is a blessing to see that the government and police are on the job taking care of this problem.

However, I also have a difficulty with the idea that someone can be arrested for intention. The question I have is...how far had this planning stage gone? Are we talking about major proof that they were actually going to carry out the plan or what? The reason I have this problem is that if it was not that far along then we are dealing with "thought police".

When you were a kid, did you ever plan things you knew you were never going to do? We did. It was part of the imagination thing with us. All we wanted to do was go there in our minds. There was never any intention of actually doing those things. But it was fun to plan it. I know that there have been times as an adult that I have planned things I was never going to accomplish. For instance, as a writer, which I am not really as yet, I have planned things that are illegal in order to find out if it works for a story line. Is this what they were doing or was it much farther along than that? It's possible we will never know.

Please understand that I am not attempting to endorse anything these people were going to do because I will not do this. Terror plots are horrifying to those of us in the U.S. who remember September 11th. In other countries it may not be a single date but a way of life. I will not agree with anything or anyone who chooses that path. Terror is never right.

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