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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave--Unless You Don't Agree

Imagine this. The soldier spends far more time in Iraq than was thought possible a few years ago. He risks his life for his country and Iraqi citizens as well. He is honorably discharged from active duty having served his country in time of war. Unlike the Vietnam vets, he comes home to those who actually are grateful that he served in the military for those who could not.

Then one day, the government steps back into his life by putting him under investigation for marching in a protest of the current war in Iraq. Apparently, he was wearing military fatigues, without insignias, during a mock patrol exercise while protesting the war. This is obviously a NO NO to the marines that he served under.

Now there is to be a military panel in Kansas City, Mo. to determine if they should discharge him from the marines and what type of discharge if they do that. He is apparently under review because he wore a uniform to a political event. Bet the politicians NEVER do that, right? HA!

By the way, there was another marine involved in this but when he was called on the carpet about it, he denyed knowing about the rules concerning wearing uniforms to such events, told them he would never do that again. They let him go. Because the first marine chose to tell them no, they are pursuing the matter.

The ironic part of this is that this marine and the others that do this, have been to Iraq, served their country, tried to help give freedom to the Iraqis and comes home to find out he is NOT FREE in his own country to protest a war, be it the same one or some other war. He can fight for us and get paid but he can't fight against the government or he gets punished. Wow! Can anyone see anything wrong with this???

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